Rapid Change
That Transforms Lives
With the Least Possible Effort

Life-Changing, Company-Changing

We innovate radically-effective productivity systems and leadership transformation. Our standard is rapid change that transforms lives with the least possible effort.


Priacta was founded in 2006 by Kevin and Midge Crenshaw and their children. Their original vision was to 1) empower their children to succeed as they 2) created systems and tools to expedite the world's work.

All 10 children are now entrepreneurial including CTO and Sr. Architect John, Coach Nate (now MBA), admin and writer Sarah, researcher and physicist-to-be Brian, Resident Geek Jason, business and fiction writer Laura (she's Owner of Story for Neverboss), writer and graphic artist Calvin, salesperson Paul (can you find him in the picture?), aspiring videographer and programmer Michael, and talented writer—on a mission to publish her first book at age 12—Hannah.

The Crenshaw Family Created Priacta

The company sold its Total, Relaxed Organization (TRO) productivity training system and web site in 2014 and reacquired them in 2017 to prepare for the release of Neverboss: Great Leadership by Letting Go. Priacta focuses exclusively on life-changing leadership, culture transformation, and productivity through more than 40 years of business and leadership experience spanning the globe.

Headquartered in Venice, Florida, Priacta is a true virtual organization spanning the globe. Priacta, Inc. dba Neverboss is a Delaware C Corporation. 

Principles We Live By

These define who we are, how we do business, and what we look for in all our partners.

Change Lives

Our clients are relaxed and astonishgly effective because of us.

"We," not "I"

First seek to understand. Find win/win solutions. Think and say "We," not "I."

Be the Change

Take initiative. Own the outcome. Lead.

Be Agile

Release quickly, before it's perfect. Constantly improve based on real feedback.

Obsessively Innovate

Constantly scan the horizon for best practices, then connect and improve them.

Kevin Crenshaw, Approachable CEO of Priacta, Inc.
Creator of Total, Relaxed Organization™,
Hands-Off Leadership™ Expert, Rapid Turnaround CEO,
Author, Speaker

Talk with Kevin

Speaking, turnarounds, partnering, joint promotions, special business needs

Meet our approachable CEO. When he’s not leading Priacta, Kevin works directly with clients. As a productivity and turnaround expert he draws on more than 35 years of leadership and management experience, coaching leaders and transforming firms in dozens of industries around the world. As a speaker, trainer, and leader he loves stories and principles that inspire hearts, reach minds, and unleash rapid, lasting change.

Kevin is the author of NEVERBOSS: Great Leadership by Letting Go.

Kevin’s passion is changing lives through simple, correct principles. One result of that passion is Total, Relaxed™ Organization—life-changing productivity. Another is Hands-Off Leadership™—unleashing self-motivating workforces that LOVE what they do.

Kevin still coaches and trains TRO from time to time, and he leads rapid guaranteed change without re-orgs, firing, or chaos.

He's a physics guy and father of 10 with Midge Crenshaw, his wife and TeamLeap co-founder.

Reach out to him on Twitter, LinkedIn, or chat with him directly.

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