Free Webinar: How to Focus on Your Most Profitable Activities

"The amount of money you earn will always depend on your ability

to focus your time and actions on your most profitable activities."

—Dave Crenshaw, Author and Business Coach

But how exactly do you do that? Priacta's CEO and head coach Kevin Crenshaw quickly teaches you how to:

  • Painlessly gain time to invest in your Most Profitable Activities,
  • Quickly separate the "crucial few" from the "trivial many", and
  • Stay focused on your MPAs, even when things get crazy.


  • Download and print the note-taking sheet for this presentation.
  • Learn just about "Time Inventory Management" by moving the slider to 16:00. Great for people who already have a trustworthy task management system.

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This presentation was recorded live with business owners and sales executives at Dancing Elephants in Richmond, Virginia, Jan 4, 2008.

About Kevin Crenshaw

Priacta's CEO and head coach Kevin Crenshaw is a five-time entrepreneur, executive coach, contract executive, business analyst, and the principal visionary for Donedesk and Total, Relaxed Organization. TRO is the result of years of practical research and integrates best practices of diverse time management systems including Getting Things Done, Total Workday Control, Take Back Your Life, Do It Tomorrow, Autofocus, Franklin Covey, and many others.

Kevin is the father of ten children and grandfather of three. He lives in Virginia with his family.

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