Help with establishing an appropriate system?

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Am definitely interested in the Priacta version of GTD.  I am looking at the online training to start but I don't know what tools would best suite me.  I'd be starting pretty much from scratch as my current task organizing is haphazard.

Would be interested in having a system that is (at best but not mandatory) accessible from 2 computers -- a laptop running Win 7 (this has the priority if a choice must be made between the 2 computers) & a desktop running Win XP.  

Both computers have Outlook '07 that I'd like to start using. In addition I have an old (basic) Palm that I believe I can still use -- the desktop of which I can access from the XP version. I have limitedly used & liked the Palm desktop. I'm not sure if it makes sense to try to use that or not.

Another piece that I am guessing probably will not be able to be integrated -- I use Xmind mindmapping to brainstorm, organize, etc. (I believe there is an add-on that lets it communicate with Outlook.)

As far as paper, I do "think" a lot better with a pen in my hand than a keyboard -- at least with brainstorming, etc.  I also process things better in written form -- I'll print out important or complicated things to read them rather than reading online.  I do however enjoy the convenience of an electronic calendar, to-do list, etc.

As I am not at all far into this, I can change my software, the Palm, etc -- is there anything anyone'd recommend?  

I'd be very interested in any suggestions and /or insights.



  • Toni,

    You could use Exchange Server to synchronize between the two computers, but that can be complicated. 

    I recommend a simpler solution: Toodledo + Google Calendar + Gmail. You can have Gmail host your email account for about the same cost as Exchange Server. The advantage is that Gmail is accessable from anywhere without extra setup time or synchronization problems. This gives you access from both computers and easy access from a Smartphone or tablet computer. 

    The old Palm probably won't help you much, unfortunately. If you were using Outlook for your calendar, you might be able to have the calendar always avaliable, but you do run into synchronization problems with old Palm handhelds. 

    Mind-mapping software is not a helpful way of organizing tasks. For emphasis: Do not integrate tasks with mind-mapping software. Any tool like Xmind is a filing system and nothing else. (Like a filing cabinet, it's easy to lose things because you can't see them.) Most of the mind-mapping software I've seen takes too much time when filing things away and is not very efficient when you want to retrieve information. That said, if you like Xmind and find that it's a fast way to both store and retrieve information, go for it. Just make sure that you are not spending lots of time organizing information that you do not really need. 

    Hope that helps. 
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