Is the calendar in Toodledo good enough compared to a dedicated application (e.g. Google Calendar)?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to settle for tools that play well with the TRO system before applying for the 'TRO Online Training System', since - if I understood correctly - one has to select the tools he/she wishes to use before starting the training.
I work on different machines, either with Windows or (different flavors of) Linux, in different locations but those machines are permanently connected to the Internet; thus I already compared different web-based tools and got started with Toodledo. After reading some posts on this forum, I am glad I decided on this solution. However, on this page, Toodledo is listed under 'task list'. Since there is a calendar view within Toodledo, I am wondering if it is possible/recommended to use it instead of another tool (e.g. Google Calendar - remember: web-based and (thus) Linux compatible), so as to keep everything in one place as much as possible and not worry about synchronization.
Note: one may point out that Toodledo manages only tasks, and as such is not suited for 'time-dependant informations' according to GTD. The workaround I use for the moment is: negative priority, tag 'TDinfo' and a due date (without which it would not show up on the calendar).

Thanks in advance for your input.


  • I apologize for the delay in replying. I remember I replied, however, obviously the reply was not recorded due to a technical glitch I was unaware of. 

    I suggest you do not use the Toodledo calendar as your main calendar as it lacks the functionality of other tools. Your workaround does make sense, however, the Toodledo calendar  does lack functionality. It's also going to malfunction when it shows you all your tasks in your calendar, and in TRO we do not put all tasks in the calendar, we only put tasks that take 30 minutes or more in the calendar. 

    It is therefore not a TRO compatible solution. 
  • The Toodledo calendar is not recommended, nor is is very useful. In addition, it will not synchronize well with mobile phones, send/accept appointments with people, or change time zones. 

    Google Calendar is probably the best-tested calendar option available on the web. Using that, you'll get good synchronization to all mobile devices, good connectivity with other people, and have a wide knowledge base available for any minor problems/questions you may have.

    Hope that helps.
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