Comment on SmartyTask?

I am new to GTD and TRO, preparing to implement... considering TRO training, evaluating software. Can you say why SmartyTask remains unmentioned in the Priacta site? It is the software I've acquainted myself with most thoroughly and it looks good to me. Not seeing it in these evaluations is cause to pause...
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  • Smartytask is listed in our GTD software list and has been for some time. You have to switch the list to "web" or "all" mode to see it.

    We rely a lot on information from the community to keep the software list updated. If you are aware of any other products that you believe are missing, please let us know.

    As far as TRO, you will not be able to do TRO with SmartyTask. TRO is a more advanced system, and requires a lot more out of your software tools. The immediate problems I see are minimal date support, and no capacity to define custom lists (several custom lists would be needed for TRO). SmartyTask does exactly what it needs to to support GTD, but nothing more.
  • Ahhhh, well thank you... I am limited in understanding TRO - since I am new to GTD,  it feels an adequate challenge. Perhaps I should grasp TRO better before choosing software. Will you make a personal recommendation for software to grow into TRO?
  • @LnewmanS, I personally like to use Toodledo, although any of the supported software in the TRO training system would be more than adequate.

    I hope this helps.
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