Hotlist settings for Toodledo

I am having a lot of difficulty getting my Hotlist working properly so that I can see (and ONLY see) tasks that are "heating up" as described in the TRO training.  

The instructions for the custom search are Match All, Checked Off, no, Due date in next 3 days, Start Date in next 3 days.

This doesn't work for me at ALL.  Most of my tasks don't have due dates, so I end up with an empty Hotlist.

I tried changing ALL to ANY, but then the toggle for show or hide future tasks starts overriding everything where I either see current and old tasks, or every task I have ever scheduled.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but this is driving me crazy because my daily reviews are getting more and more confusing.  Has anyone figured out the proper custom search terms for the TRO Hotlist yet??



  • Annie,

    The fix is probably simple. The Hotlist is intended to let you pick out the "hot" Must Do tasks for today. In TRO for Toodledo, those are the tasks with Due Dates (hard date).

    If you don't have many Due Date tasks, then either:
    1. (Rare) You have very few Must Do tasks in your life (tasks which have a date when Bad Things May Happen if they aren't started), or
    2. You are forgetting to set the Due Dates for the Must Do tasks when you process.
    If #1 is true, your Do Today list and hotlist could be empty on most days. That's OK, just make sure you always check it first, in case something "hot" has come up. You will probably work off of your May Do lists (Contexts sorted by Auto) all the time in this case.

    If #2 is true, processing correctly will give you a huge dose of relief. Review those steps and make sure you set your hard dates when needed. Caution: Don't set hard dates (Due Date) unnecessarily. Reserve hard dates for Must Do items only.

    Optional Approach for #1

    You can also adapt your system if #1 is true. The Star can be used as a way to hand-pick a few May Do (optional) items to focus on that day instead of reserving it mostly for the Must Do items.

    If this appeals to you, use your May Do lists as you hotlist for your Daily Review instead. Star the things in those lists you'd like to do that day, and work off the Do Today list as usual. The Toodledo Hotlist is not necessary in this case.

    Does this resolve your issue?
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