Bug Report: Dead links on page "When should this task/step be done?" (resolved)

This page contains four dead links:

Could the task/step take 30 minutes or more?

Does it need to happen at a certain time of day?

Is it a meeting agenda item?

Is it done with other tasks at a certain time?

 Please fix them!

Thank you!


  • Thanks, I've forwarded this information to an editor who should be able to fix it.
  • Aha! This is actually not a problem with broken links. These headers are not supposed to be links, even though they look like it. 

    Mr. the Bug Slayer, we shall need to talk about this and figure out how to proceed. 
  • OK, I wondered about that. The new design will both make this better and worse. I've added you as a watcher on a task in Donedesk to discuss how this applies to the new design. Resolving this prior to the update is probably critical.
  • Thanks for your reply!


  • I've responded to the Donedesk task. 

    @Morgan: We will fix this to resolve the confusion. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention!
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