Recommendations for DejaOffice View Settings (iPhone)

I am in the setup phase of TROG and called a coach for my 15 minute free support.  Coach recommended CompanionLink to get my iPhone synchronized with my Outlook. Companionlink is the synching program on my desktop and it needs DejaOffice on the phone (it's a free app).  I did have to kill DejaOffice once and restart, (see troubleshooting)  but I was overjoyed when, on the second try, my iphone connected with my PC and now I have my Outlook items in my phone in DejaOffice!  I'm using the 15 day free trial for CompanionLink :-) Total process took about 1 hour. (Backed up my data beforehand at Coaches strong recommendation.)

I saw the very helpful configuration / view setting instructions for imExchange 2 and PocketInformant, and would like to receive suggestions about how to configure  TROG views in DejaOffice for greater efficiency. 

So far, in DejaTask, I can view by priority (Nearly all mine are normal) , Subject (Alphabetical by Subject = virtually useless)  or sort by Due Date. Due Date seems to be the most helpful view for tasks.  I can view all or individual categories sorted by the above; so between the two, I think it is possible to obtain the views and sorts TROG recommends, but I don't know which combination of these Deja Office sort and view options TROG recommends.   

Overall, very pleased with Coach's recommendations. 

(Rather wondering why there are no posts about DejaOffice or CompanionLink.  Am I missing something or am I the first to use these?)

This completes my set-up phase! Whew!  Praying for much needed organizational relief.

Thank you very much Coach!


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