Outlook/Android USB sync - looking for solutions

I'd like to implement the TRO system. More specifically, here's what I'd like to accomplish in a nutshell:
  1. To configure Outlook on my Windows desktop with the TRO
    functionality (using the TROG bar, or other add-ins, to fully
    utilize the TRO system)
  2. To mimic this same configuration and functionality, to the extent possible, on my Android phone.
  3. To be able to sync all of this added TRO functionality bidirectionally, from my desktop to my phone, "without" syncing online or through the cloud.
Desktop environment:  Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 (no Exchange server, only POP3 email)
Smartphone:  Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). HTC Vivid

A little more background and detail: I was a Windows Mobile user for over a decade (I had the first WindowsCE PDAs before they were integrated into phones.) I was also using Outlook back in 96 before it was even called Outlook (it was called Schedule+).  After seeing WinMo struggle unsuccessfully to make up lost market share to iPhone and Android, I finally gave up and replaced my WinMo 6.5 smartphone with an Android phone. There is simply much more support for Android and iPhone out there than there is for WinMo, Blackberry or WebOS.

The one thing I that I did always like about WinMo was its seamless synchronization with Windows desktop apps; including all of the Outlook items; email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes, plus the other Office apps including OneNote, Word and Excel...DIRECTLY via USB cable from the device to desktop, without having to go through "the Cloud".

For some good legitimate reasons, I simply do not want to put or sync any of my data "online" or through "the cloud".  I do not want to use "google online" apps. I do not want to use Toodledo.  I want to find a combination of apps for my  desktop and Android that will allow me to sync directly via USB, WiFi or Bluetooth.

I do not want to use "Touchdown", because it requires Exchange server. Likewise, I do not want to use Chromatic Dragon sync because it requires online sync.

Will the DejaOffice/CompanionLink combination be a good solution for me? What are the shortcomings of it? Will it sync with the TROG bar?



"Pocket Informant 2.0" (currently in public beta), looks promising, but I don't know how well it would sync with the TROG bar. PI has also claimed to integrate GTD functionality into their app. Has anyone tried it? They have a utility called "WDS" which will apparently sync PI with outlook via Wifi:

If it turns out that I have to switch back to WinMo (version 7 or higher), or iPhone, then I guess that's what it will take, but I can't believe that with Android being the current market leader in smartphones,  that no one has developed a good solution for it.



  • Anthony,

    "Pioneers get all the arrows."

    No matter how we look at it, syncing is the #1 way to corrupt your data. There's not even a #2 in that race. 

    Use known good solutions or expect to spend a lot of time testing, debugging, and being frustrated. We didn't arrive at this conclusion lightly. We arrived at it after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (our own and our early clients').

    Best Options for TRO

    The TRO Online Training has detailed instructions for your best sync options with specific tool combinations. See here: http://bit.ly/zWoRwL

    DejaOffice is one of the options under some circumstances. Try different tool combinations inside your TRO Training and look at the task list setup appendix page to see what apps are recommended. Try selecting Outlook instead of Trog Bar to see if other sync options are presented.

    As far as syncing goes, Trog Bar = Outlook. Trog uses the Outlook database. If it syncs well with Outlook, Trog will see it. Do not use the "email to tasks" feature of Trog Bar if mobile syncing is involved. Drag and drop emails onto the Tasks icon in Outlook instead to create actual tasks instead.

    By far the most reliable options overall: Exchange Server or an all-in-one cloud app like Toodledo with dedicated apps and a long, stable track record are you best options. Blackberry Enterprise Server was also good, but RIM seems to be ready to go out of business.

    Keep Us Posted

    I realize you've ruled those out Exchange and cloud for your needs, but be aware of the tradeoffs. Some people really love testing and tweaking with software and tools! So please share your experiences here so others can follow the path you blaze if they don't want to use Exchange or cloud apps.

    P.S. You might really love this poem about pioneering: http://strategyinprinciple.com/going-first 
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