TodoListMe is a web based task list that aims to be powerfully simple.  It is not currently GTD compliant but does have some nice features. 
  • Easy to put tasks off till tomorrow (simply drag them onto tomorrow)
  • Create template lists which can be merged into other lists or copied
  • Remote window to make your tasks easily accessible while doing other work (particularly nice on wide screen or multi monitor setups)
  • Simple print view with the ability to add blank todo slots
  • Sync between different devices (mobile in development)

It's completely free and you don't even need to create an account.

Why Not GTD?

TodoListMe does not currently have any support
for tags, contexts, or next action support.


  • Thanks for the info. We'll keep an eye on this. Let us know when it is GTD-capable so we can add it to our GTD software list.
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