Is IQTELL TRO-compatible?

As far as I can see, there are a lot of positive comments and reviews about IQTELL on the Internet, especially since it integrates many features (email, task manager, calendar, EverNote...) in one place. As such, I find it strange that it is not (yet?) in the 'GTD software comparison' page on Priacta's website (, after being around for a few years now. Furthermore, there has been no reaction so far to the only forum post about it (

I would really like to know what are your thoughts about the compatibility of IQTELL with the TRO system. Thanks in advance for your input.


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    IQTell apparently can be set up to be TRO-capable. To do it, you'll need to add custom fields until they have tags in place. Add a new Field and set it as a "multi-selection" field to be used for your tags/contexts.

    In IQTell:

    1. Right Click on Actions - select Folder configuration/form editor.
    2. Select Multi-selection, and drag "new" to the desired location on form.
    3. Name the field.
    4. Save & Close.
    5. You will be able to create any values as selection values. However, this
    field will allow you to select more than one value.

    However, a recent client who used IQTell decided that it was too tiring--too much clicking, page switching or similar. Be on the lookout for that issue!
  • Any hint of how to set up necessary searches for the TRO-lists? Seems that Iqtell saved searches do not alls for negations nor or-conditions.
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