Using Nozbe Mobile (Android/iOS) for GTD or TRO (Total, Relaxed Organization)

Total, Relaxed Organization (TRO) is GTD-principle-based productivity that's more effective and easier to use. TRO also merges best practices from Covey and other time management systems for a balanced approach.

Here is how to create a TRO workflow with Nozbe (Mobile):

Nozbe is a powerful application with web and Android/iOS mobile versions. You can create a great TRO system with Nozbe.

Useful with or without internet connection

1. Complicated to use.
2. No saved search

Setting Up TRO with Nozbe Mobile (Android/iOS)
Train using TRO with Nozbe Mobile by following these guidelines

1. Unprocessed List (Tasks with no Context) - to see this list: Tap
Inbox, the circular icon with "i" at the center (upper right), the
"filter" button, then "Without Category".

2. Remove all Categories created by Nozbe (Mobile) except "Errands," then create the following Categories for TRO views:
This Week
Next Week
This Month

3. Remember (or print) this list of jargon terms, which will help you use Nozbe (Mobile) with TRO:
- Hard Date = Due Date
- Soft Date = Categories
- Unprocessed = Tasks with no Nozbe Category assigned
- Major Context = Categories
- Minor Context = Categories
- Do Today = Priority (Starred Tasks)

4. In Nozbe (Mobile), Categories view (flag icon) is TRO's Context Views.
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