What  is your favorite GTD software and why?

What's your favorite GTD (Getting Things Done) or GTD-like software? Why does it work so well for you?

Tell everyone here. (Post a reply under the application thread, or create a new thread if your application isn't mentioned. Feel free to include a link to the software's site or reviews. The more data the better.)

The whole community benefits from the discussion.

New titles will be examined to make sure they meet the minimum requirements for "GTD-ness".

Why does Priacta host this forum? This forum is a resource for the time management community at large as well as Priacta's Total, Relaxed Organization (TRO) training/coaching clients, who work on a wide range of platforms. Priacta researches GTD-like software titles so they can recommend the best titles for each client's particular needs. (Click here to see how GTD and TRO and related.)


  • I've tried:
    - Remember the Milk
    - Tracks
    - ThinkingRock
    - Ultra Recall Pro
    - XMind Pro

    :) Has almost all of GTD to the letter. Fast to add and process IN. MoSKoW style priorities.
    ??? A topic (which is not context)
    :( Lack of flexibility (can't find how to add a reference without first creating an INBOX item). Local only. Didn't see how to order by context.

    :) Online.
    :( Only online (unless you make a portable local server). Seems a bit buggy. Not so many features and hard to install.

    Ultra Recall:
    :) Super quick launch. Flexible. Rich and varied content holder.
    :( No synchronization.

    :) More visual. Sync online (after registering an account). Tagging, priorities...
    ??? Mind map for GTD.
    :( Need to pay.

    :) Simple and fast. Supported in TRO online training. Works offline. Nice keyboard shortcuts.
    :( No category tree. Lack of GTD booster features (like ThinkingRock) which would save time daily. For projects, lacks of tasks linking (GTD specifies a project is like an index in a table to the tasks, but if RTM tags are used for context, they can't be used for projects). *I'll probably get TRO online training anyway so I may see what solution you guys found.*

    I prefer RTM for now, mostly because my e-mail/calendar choice is Google. For references and projects I'm trying with XMind because RTM lacks of tree structure and other stuff.

    My decision points where:
    - Can order by context.
    - Accessible anywhere, sync online, works off-line.
    - Interaction with Google calendar/e-mail is a plus.
    For the Projects, Someday/Maybe, and info references:
    - Categories tree
    - Synchronizes online, works off-line
  • Thanks for the great analysis. A couple of thoughts.

    Contexts are absolutely essential for GTD and TRO, but while GTD requires only a single context per task, TRO requires multiple contexts. There is a huge productivity gain and drop in stress when you slice and dice your lists multiple ways. Some of the titles in your list only support a single context/category per task step.

    Category trees (hierarchies) can be very nice, but they need to be implemented right or else. You want to be able to tag a next step as a "Call". It's important to not have to add the "Call" context to every single hierarchy to allow that! (This means multiple categorization is pretty important with category trees.) A good hierarchy lets you create a tree like Errands > Stores > WalMart, and when you tag something as WalMart, then look at your Errands list, you see it there because WalMart implies Stores and Errands as well.

    Access anywhere (like RTM with Google Gears) is pretty important. We're hoping Toodledo (another good app we're adding to TRO Online Training soon) will do that soon.
  • Right I agree about the context.

    However for the categories I meant it differently. For me the references can be a pretty big base of information varying from files, bookmarks, or rich texts with images. Such base is much better when organized in a tree like:
    - Info
      - Computer
         - Softwares...
      - Cooking...

    That's why I prefer for such either XMind or Ultra Recall. RTM can't do such things to my point of view, be may be I missed what GTD/TRO esteems a reference. (reading TRO full training now).
  • Toodledo looks promizing. I'll give it a try (when I've time HA HA). Waiting to see it in the training.  :D
  • You may also check out http://www.GoalsOnTrack.com, a very nicely built web app designed for tracking goals and todo lists, and has time tracking. It's clear, focused, easy to navigate, worth a try.
  • I looked at Goals On Track. Nice, but unfortunately it does not meet the criteria for supporting GTD. It needs contexts or tags of some kind at the very least. See the full criteria here:

  • Can you tell that I'm a Tracks fan?  I've tried Nozbe, RTM, and countless others.  The things I like about tracks are numerous.  

    It doesn't have reminders but it does have due dates as well as a tickler.  Tracks got the tickler thing RIGHT and they are the first ones that have!  Due dates are also very friendly.  

    It is available on the web and on my iPhone.  There is nothing to install.  I did end up hosting my own version at www.tedpenner.com but there is no need to do that.  

    There is one guy that has a free hosted version keeping it up-to-date with all the latest betas.  You can get your own from him at http://my.gtdify.com/ if you want and without paying a dime.

    I've tried about everything there is to try.  Feel free to write me at gmail (same username) to discuss GTD.
  • Hi
    I recently switch from RTM to Nirvana
    Close to my own of using GTD
    On the other hand, the best desktop application is Things(Mac)
  • I would recommend IQTELL. It is very customizable to suit your needs and integrates your tasks with email, calendar, notes and more. Check it out: http://bit.ly/IQTELL.

    We are also currently running an iPad 2 contest. To win, just be the most productive user. Learn more here: http://bit.ly/BetaIQT.
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