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Get It Done is a Web Based GTD task manager. A fully featured task manager available to you wherever you are, from any computer. You can choose to have it send you email reminders of your tasks. All this is built into an attractive user interface.


  • I saw the that works with the web-based task list as well as the iPhone/iTouch and Android applications.  In the Software comparison, the score for it was 6 & 1/2, just under Toodledo's score of 7.

    However, the details indictated that there are two dates and a reminder feature in Get It Done.  I see a due date field, but I'm not seeing a second date (such as start date).  The reminder I see is a daily email of the Today folder.  Is this what was being referred to in the comparison?

    Does Get It Done work with TRO?
  • Good catch. You are correct that GetItDone supports only one date and no priorities. As such, it is not possible to do TRO with GetItDone.

    I have updated the entry to reflect the correct data. It is possible that GetItDone changed their interface to show only one date. Sorry for the confusion.

    For GTD software, GetItDone is one of the best I've seen. For TRO, I still have to recommend Toodledo (as of Sept 10, 2010), which is also a web app but with better features and impeccable TRO support.
  • Hello, 

    This is Mike, I wrote Get It Done.

    Get It Done has a due date and also a way to schedule tasks for future review. Schedule tasks for future review gets the task out of your way until the date specified, due date is exactly what it says, the date the task is due.

    Also we released the 3.0 version this week, Free iPhone/iPad/Android apps (previously $4.99) and new Areas of Responsibility to further separate different areas of your life such as Home and Work.
  • Hello Mike;

    Thank You for this information on Get It Done.  As of current, I am the one handling all of Priacta's GTD List additions and updates, which I usually do every fridays however, We welcome update requests on any other day.

    Feel free to contact me at [email protected] at anytime during the week for non-friday updates.


  • Hi. Your list indicates that Get It Done supports hierarchy. Is this correct? I can't figure out how to make hierarchical tasks.

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