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Is it okay to jot down questions and post them here or email them to you?

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  • Yes. By posting questions in the discussion boards everyone benefits:

    General questions about Total, Relaxed Organization:
            TRO General Discussion

    You can get online group accountability here:
            TRO Training Accountability and Help

    For more direct and detailed coaching/support, upgrade your training to add coach involvement. The value of personal coaching (even just half an hour) is immense. In 30 minutes we can drill in, diagnose issues, and make highly-specific changes tailored for your needs.
  • Hi

    I have a general question.  What do you select in the online training setup screen if you have gmail for personal email but outlook for work email?  Currently I have this set of applications:

    1) Toodledo
    2) Outlook email (work)
    3) Gmail email (personal)
    4) Google Calendar (personal) with import from work
    5) iphone

  • Julia,

    Assuming you want to organize your work, do the setup with your work email (Outlook).

    Honestly, the instructions for email change very little when you are using Toodledo. It does not (yet) have direct integration with either gmail or outlook, so you will be forwarding emails into the task list.

    I would recommend that you turn off gmail notifications on your personal computer and/or cell phone, just the same as you would with Outlook. Turning off notifications will depend on what software you use to access your Gmail account. 
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    Recently discovered your excellent website, forum, and Trog Bar program....

    Trying to decide between several programs to help me manage my projects at work. Unfortunately, I have to do this on my own, as my company makes it very difficult to get software on company computers for various reasons. So, whatever I decide to do, will be on my own laptop on 'my own nickel'. I'm OK with this, but just want to do the right thing....hence, this post....hope it's in the right place....

    So, here's the situation....

    I'm directing a team of people to manage a series of fairly large mulit-year construction projects. We have hired a 'design team' (architects and engineers) and a general contractor. Our job is manage their work to make sure that it is done the way my organization wants, represents the needs of the people that will use the various facilities, and to ensure that the dollars are well spent, etc.

    I'm not looking for a project scheduling program per se, we have MS Project for that and our contractor uses even more sophisticated program for that. What I need is a tool to help me manage and stay on top of the hundreds of tasks that need to be taken care of such as:

    A. manage my project managers on each of their projects

    B. report out regularly (in person and via email, project tracking
    program, etc...) to my regional headquarters and at a local level (leadership group where I'm stationed)

    C. manage the rest of my team (various support staff) that help support the needs of the projects (contracts, billings, payments, etc....)

    Between all of the above, I have lots of work to do each day, starting around 7am and go to 6PM each day....will lots of meetings, calls, and emails inbetween...

    Have seriously considered the following programs to use on my laptop:

    A.  Acheive Planner

    Seems very comprehensive and powerful, yet fairly easy to use. Like that it also has some work planning/scheduling tools in addition to task planning and calendar tools.

    B.  EssentialPIM

    Similar to Acheive Planner, just lacks the work plan/schedule tools.

    C.  FusionDesk

    Lacks schedule/calendar functions, but very elegant looking design for managing tasks.

    D.  ThinkingRock

    Very nice implementation literally of GTD process, but at same time, seems a bit rigid, at least at first glance....

    E.  MyLifeOrganized

    Seems very nice as task manager....

    F.  Trog Bar

    Looks interesting, not sure if it's suited for my situation or not??

    G. ToDo List

    Looks pretty good....

    H.  GetItDone

    Looks pretty good...

    Currently, have a Dell Streak as my really portable device....have tried GotToDo syncing with pretty well, however, find Toodledo powerful, but a bit confusing....

    Hopefully, I've provided enough background info to get some input.....if not, please let me know what I've overlooked and I'll provide further info...



  • Input, suggestions, anyone????

    To clarify my intentions further, I'm really trying to ask whether Trog Bar is appropriate for my needs given the type of projects I work on versus some of the other programs I mentioned as examples of other programs I've come across.

    The other thing is that I don't have MS Outlook now, so, can't try out Trog Bar for myself. And don't want to purchase it unless I have a sense that Trog Bar is a good choice for me.

    Would greatly appreciate any and all thoughts and ideas....

    If I've posted this in the wrong place, etc, just let me know....


  • ArchiMark,

    Looks like you've tried a LOT of different task lists!

    The real solution is not so much the tool as it is the system you're using for the tool. Are you learning the TRO system? The relief you're looking for has more to do with how tasks come in, are processed, and finally completed than it has anything to do with the task list program.

    However, if you are managing teams, doing any kind of away-from-the-office work, etc. then I recommend a web-based task list. Toodledo is great, so long as you use a solid system (like TRO) to set it up and manage the tasks.
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