Today, Toodledo officially reached the top of our "Features" sort order for Web-based applications. Collaboration support, auto prioritization, and a powerful new custom search facility with saved searches make this a serious contender for anyone needing a Web-based task list. GTDers and full-fledged TROers alike should check this one out!


For details on how to implement TRO (advanced GTD principles + Covey) withg Toodledo, click here.


  • This has to be the most fully-featured to-do site on the web, and it's well-designed ajax-heavy interface (no problems in IE or Firefox) makes it much easier to use than many of the "lightweight" competitors. The iPhone app is again well thought out and easy to use. The web/iPhone combination is my active GTD system at the moment (after too much research), and it's also in active development so I can only hope that things will get better.
    A few little drawbacks - you can't edit a task on it 's own, it's always as part of a grid view; supports sub-tasks but not hierarchy; filtering needs improvement; could do with some better colour highlighting.
    On the plus side I find the tags feature a great addition to GTD.
  • Jeff,

    We like Toodledo too. However:

    1) We wish the iPhone app were more robust. You can create powerful Saved Searches in Toodledo online, but there is no way to access them in the iPhone app OR in the mobile-optimized online version of Toodledo at

    This caused us grief when we started writing the Toodledo version of TRO training: We originally planned to base it on saved searches, but the iPhone/slim limitation nixed that. The new TRO approach for Toodledo works in all three locations, so you can still do TRO with it.

    2) The only other thing we'd love to see is Google Gears support, so you have offline access with your browser (say, when your Internet goes down or Toodledo's data center goes down).

    If you keep that in mind, Toodledo is a great tool!
  • Kevin,

    I never even knew about the Saved Search feature - just used it now, cracking! And you're right, the iPhone App needs something similar. As it is, the only way I can see my work context tasks without others intruding is to select my @WORK context, in which case I see everything regardless of folder, priority and so on.

    Even so, Toodledo is still way ahead of the pack IMHO.
  • For details on how to implement TRO (advanced GTD principles + Covey) withg Toodledo, click here.
  • Toodledo redesigned their interface on July 26, 2011. They now no longer allow the creation of tabs for saved searches on a nav bar across the top of the page. I think this really lessens the usability for GTD. I really just wanted to make the saved searches appear on every screen, but the closest I could come to this was to choose "Search" as the default Toodledo view. My searches then appear in the left column of the search view. I would much rather have them appear across the top like the screen captures in the Toodledo training.

    Regarding the Toodledo tasklist training in Priacta, all of the screen captures are now out of date. Also, there are many other instances of the training being out of date. All combined, I probably wasted 4-5 hours yesterday trying to understand how to make the Priacta training work with the new Toodledo. 

    link to site redesign announcement:

  • This is a problem for me as well. Shortly after finishing my 21 day review period, the interface completely changed. Toodledo support had no idea what TRO is so could only offer apologies. I'm still using Toodledo daily yet I find myself searching to do things I could easily do before now are hidden, changed or moved in some fashion. It would be preferable if Priacta could give an ETA for a revised course.
  • Todd,

    Apologies. We are in process of updating Toodledo, though most of the major changes have been made already. 

    Toodledo looks different, but it still works the same. You are still starting with your Hotlist for a daily review, completing starred tasks and then moving on to Context (sorted by Start Date). Email still forwards the same way it always did. How you use Toodledo has not changed.

    The big difference is how you navigate. Toodledo used to show "View By:" up at the top. You mostly used the Main, Context, Tag, and Search views. 

    "View By" is now on the left side of the screen. When you click "Main" you will see "Hotlist" and "Starred" appear below. When you click "Search" you will see your "Unprocessed" and "Weekly Review" saved searches appear below. 

    That, in essence, is the biggest difference. Are there any other places you are struggling with the new Toodledo?
  • edited September 2011
    TRO training has been updated for the new Toodledo interface, with new pictures and updated instructions throughout. The steps are close to the same, but the location and appearance of the Toodledo options changed for the better. The new Toodledo interface is refreshing.

    To see the new instructions, log in normally. If Toodledo is selected as your task list tool, the update is automatic.

    Note: You can step through the Toodledo tasklist appendix by topic. Click topics in the left navigation bar, one at a time, to review all the new Toodledo instructions.
  • That's terrific. I use Toodledo every day. My main problem is feeling unsure of how to reset Toodledo to the default settings for TRO given the changes. The sort order setup seems to have changed a bit. I'll work through the course and get things back the way they are supposed to be.
    I wish the course had an appendix which had all these settings in one place. Initial setup for TRO, unprocessed event setup, starred item setup, context views and so forth. As I use Toodledo, it becomes gradually somewhat disordered over time. It would be great to have the settings setups all together so I could walk through all at once.
  • There is such an appendix already. Scroll to the bottom of the navigation list (on the left), expand the Tasklist Appendix, and you'll see all of the settings listed together, in one place.
  • Thanks. It was easier than I had thought once I got started.
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