TiDy is a free, complete time management and task diary add-in for Excel. It is fairly flexible and provides direct Excel integration and a detailed manual. Its purpose: help you plan tasks and control your progress.

Original information submitted by publisher and revised by Priacta:

Name of product: TiDy - Time Management & Diary
Description: TiDy - Time Management & Diary is a comprehensive add-in for Excel. Its purpose is planning of tasks and control of your progress. * Monthly-, weekly- and daily planning * Automatic reports * Outlook import
Main URL: http://en.longwitz.ch/pages/links/tidy--download.php
Scanning URL: (URL where we will see latest version number and date) http://en.longwitz.ch/pages/links/tidy--download.php
Is dedicated URL or not? true
OS(s) Supported: Windows
Other requirements: Excel 2002 or later
Last Release Date: 2008-02-20
Version Reviewed: 1.4
Last Verified Date: 2008-03-01
Commercial or Open Source or Freeware? Freeware
Free version avail? yes
Premium version avail? no
Price(s) for premium version:
Syncs with: Outlook - 1 (import), 2
Exchange Server compatible? n/a
Categories/Contexts: Single (publisher suggests "flexible")
Dates: (# of date fields) 2
Reminders: No
Auto-prioritization: No (Publisher suggests "Yes")
Project support: 2=separate project field (Publisher says "1=inline w/addl notes, 2=separate project field, 3=hierarchical")
Schedule tasks into calendar: none (Publisher suggests "facilitated copy" but no attached calendar is provided, no special calendar copy feature apparent besides normal copy/paste)
Other Features Link:   http://en.longwitz.ch/pages/links/tidy--download.php
Review links (w/dates):
Discussion links:   http://en.longwitz.ch/pages/links/tidy--forum.php
Video Link:
Contact: info AT longwitz DOT ch
Notes: See additional messages for details on using with GTD.


  • Ralf,

    It's unclear to me if TiDy really meets the requirements. See >requirement #2, which has been clarified:


    Does TiDy allow the user to see a distinct list of tasks for a single >Group? None of your screen shots show this, there are no specific >instructions for doing GTD with TiDy, and the daily task list doesn't >have a Group column.

    You've got great documentation--it would be good to include a page about >how to implement GTD-like systems with TiDy. We plan to link to these descriptions in the future.

    I think this is why TiDy didn't make it in the latest list.

    Any clarifications you can provide would be appreciated!
  • Kevin,

    Short answer:
    Yes. See attached screenshot that shows an example of my tasklist showing only tasks related to "Web".

    Tasks are in a table that can easily be filtered with the Excel filter function. There can even be several filters in parallel: Group "Web", due March 1-14, for example. Or even (Group "Web") OR (Group "Net") AND (due March 1-14) etc.
    Something I never use in such complex ways, but it's easily done.

    The daily task list does indeed not have a specific group column. It has a project column which I consider sufficient. My record number of tasks in one day in 2007 was 12. In average it's about 6. I don't think to group by anything would make sense here. Some people might feel they need extra grouping, so if you think that it does make sense, I'm happy to add another column. Would take me a couple of hours.

    [Editor's note: The Main task list does have a group column that can be used as a context.]

    Long answer:
    You are right that filtering of tasks is not treated extensively in the manual, and I don't even mention GTD.
    When I started the program in 2001, I had not heard about GTD. I only became a time management consultant in 2006, read lots of books, GTD one of them. I wasn't particularly impressed. But then it became a real hype, so I now even
    started to give seminars on GTD ... I believe David Allen's greatest accomplishments are not his ideas that he sells as new, but that he succeded in making time management in general more popular again. That's what I'm grateful for. People need a star to follow. That's him now, fair enough.

    Regarding TiDy, I found that everything "new" in GTD could already be accomplished with the then current version of TiDy. All I added since then were convenience functions.
    I have thought about adding a GTD chapter in the manual as you suggest, even more than a page.


    As a Excel add-in TiDy is a very particular kind of software that is ideal for me, and I believe for some other people who like Excel and who prefer to have a complete overview and control of their data.  I don't see anything comparable in your current list.

    Your list is very popular, I got a lot of traffic coming from your site, so I do care whether I'm on it or not.
    Whatever. Thanks for the inspiration, Kevin!

    Have a good day, cheers,

  • Today I uploaded a new version 2.0 specifically for Excel 2007 and 2010.
    The free version 1.x is still available and I will continue to fix bugs, should any be reported to me.
    For version 2.x however, I charge €4.99.
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