Hi guys,

GTDInbox used to be a proud member of this list, but I guess slipped off when Gmail upgraded (and broke GTDInbox). It's now been completely rewritten, and transforms Gmail into a fully functional GTD client (tasks - actions, next actions, someday, waiting on; projects; contexts; references). It's free (donationware) and well loved by its community. Let me know if you need any other information.

Andy Mitchell
Software version no: 2.0.1


  • Here's our assessment. Let me know if we missed anything or a correction is needed:

    Name of product: GTDInbox
    Description: GMail Firefox addon manages emails as tasks.
    Main URL:
    Scanning URL: (URL where we will see latest version number and date)
    Is dedicated URL or not? true
    OS(s) Supported: Browser-based, Firefox
    Other requirements: Firefox 2.0 or later, GMail account (free)
    Last Release Date: 2008-03-18
    Version Reviewed: 2008-03-18
    Last Verified Date: 2008-03-20
    Free version avail? Yes
    Premium version avail? Yes, Pro version
    Price(s) for premium version: Donationware, $0 to $50+
     Syncs with: GMail (direct integration), settings sync with other computers (Pro version only)
     (For each sync destination) How does it sync (4=direct integration)
     Exchange Server compatible? n/a
     Email Integration: (Send, Copy, Link, Dual View, Autoprocess, Retrieve via Email) Dual, Autoprocess
     API? No
     Categories/Contexts: (Single, Multiple; also Nested, non-nested) Multiple
     Dates: (# of date fields) 0
     Reminders: No
     Auto-prioritization: No
     Project support: (1=inline w/addl notes, 2=separate project field, 3=hierarchical) Hierarchical
     Schedule tasks into calendar (none, facilitated copy, linked, dual view (appears in both the task list and calendar)) None
    Other Features Link: Same URL
    Discussion links:
    Video Link: None
    Notes: Contact is Andy Mitchell

  • Can GTDInbox Work With Total, Relaxed Organization (TM)?

    GTDInbox is a Gmail add-on that allows you to sort your email with quick GTD views, reviews, etc. It makes use of Gmail's many labels to allow for some pretty exciting sorting.

    The bad news is that GTDInbox doesn't work with TRO for the following reasons:
    -No dates. You can't set even one
    -No reminders
    -No priorities
    -No sort options
    -Tasks are still mingled with email
    -Every time you modify a "task" it adds another layer to the task, making it difficult to view old notes. While this isn't a huge deal, it's inconvenient.

    The killer is the lack of dates, reminders, priorities and list-sorting options. Without any of those, it is impossible to construct a task list that auto-prioritizes.

    GTD Compliant: YES!
    TRO Compliant: No  :-[
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