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Evernote: "Remember Everything"

Evernote is becoming popular, especially after its Web version was released to public beta (invitation required but easy to obtain) and moving to a free product line.

GTD support is extremely basic, just a notch above the lowest possible support to qualify as GTD-compatible. However, it allows multiple tags per item, syncing on a wide range of platforms, and very basic collaboration (read-only public sharing). No dates or priorities are supported. Custom searches can be saved. Can't beat the price, however, since it is now free for all platforms.

This raises the question--what is their revenue model? They must be moving to an advertising model a la Google, but they are saying this publicly:


See attached spreadsheet.


  • Evernote has several limitations:

    - Can't Tag Notebooks (That means you can' put organize your Notebooks into, say, Active, To Do Later, and To Do Maybe
    - Only 2 levels of hierarchy (Notebooks and notes)
    - Difficult to implement basic sort of task planning:

    Active Projects
       -Find Replacement Shopping Cart
          *Look for reviews
          *Evaluated these carts
          * Test cart

    -Seems like you'll get overloaded with projects (I easily have 10 active and 100 inactive projects).  I see no way to be able to look at "Active Projects" (Active Notes). This is the true test of any organizing/task mgmt software: How does it do when it's FULL. (My brain does quite well with one project and 4 tasks. It's having 100 projects and 1000 tasks that's the issue. If the sw can't do any better than my brain, it's not worth the effort.)

  • Clay,

    You're right. I'd probably recommend naming the Notebooks as follows: Active, To Do Later, and To Do Maybe. Move projects when they change this status.

    If you do that, Notes are projects/tasks. Track the next action inline in the name of the Note at the end:

    Replacement cart - Look for reviews

    Inside that master project record, list future next steps to get them off your mind:

    Evaluate possible carts
    Choose a cart
    Test cart

    Tag it with a tag called Projects if you want to see a list of your projects.

    When you see a potential shopping cart, however, how do you add it to that project? You have to enter a duplicate project name:

    Replacement cart - Magento

    OR you would need to add a special tag for the project: #Carts

    Prefixing all active project names with # would group them.

    Another option is to use the Notebook level for project names. Tags are used only for contexts and for Active and Someday/Maybe indicators. Te problem is you can't filter out the inactive (S/M) ones in your searches.

    Advanced search capabilities like Remember the Milk would easily solve that problem. I wonder if Evernote plans to add them?
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