Goal Organiser

Goal Organiser is a free, simple online goal management application with auto-prioritization. Enter your life areas, goals, and projects and goal organiser automatically organises your tasks and recommends where to work next.

Although you can't designate an exact order of steps in a project, you can specify that certain steps should happen after others are completed, and you can easily defer a step until after another one if it is recommended in the wrong order. This lets you enter steps quickly and reorder them only as needed. Steps that support multiple projects are recommended first, and steps that have been in the system longer and given more weight.

Goal Organiser also sends periodic emails to coach you on the system and encourage you to make progress in your life areas.

There is currently no support for due dates (either loose dates or hard dates) or urgent steps.

Details of the initial assessment are attached.


  • For those not already in the know, Goal Organiser has come a long way since the above assessment. The system does now support both due dates and reminder dates, and you can optionally receive an email notification when steps need doing urgently.

    We're constantly working to improve on this system and hope to become the best freely available goal management tool. If others who have tried Goal Organiser could follow up with your own reviews or feature requirements, either here or via the Goal Organiser contact page, we'd very much appreciate it.

    Thank you.

    Richard Grant,
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