How do I request that a software listing be updated?

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I've taken on the development of a software title in your listing and together with the original developer, we have rebuilt the title with a completely new interface and tonnes of improvements and additional features.

We would now like to request that the title be re-reviewed and the listing updated but I can't find a request form for this. What is the procedure for this, or is there an email address I should use?


  • In general, we try to keep the software updated automatically, so you won't have to notify us. If you keep release notes on your site (and we can find them) we'll scan the release notes periodically, and update the listing as needed.

    If the title isn't updated within a few days after a major release, let us know which software title it is and we'll look into it.
  • Thanks for getting back to me.

    The new build was initially released in February and has received numerous updates since, however your listing still seems to relate to the old build, both in feature spec and the thumbnail. We don't currently provide a changelog so automatic updates probably aren't too reliable for us.

    The title is Goal Organiser, located at, and if you could perform a re-evaluation we would be very grateful for it :-).

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