taskList for iPhone and iPod touch - for your consideration


Writing to introduce  taskList - a new to-do app for iPhone and iPod touch.

• It is simple, yet flexible
• Doesn't force you into managing your to-do's in an overly-specific system
• Very affordable ($1.99 in the US store)
• Clean, very Apple-inspired interface; professional UI designer
• Getting Things Done capable, but not required to use in any way
• Easy grouping and live tag search

Most to-do mobile apps are either complex (and expensive), or so simple they seem amateur. Neither option works for the majority of people. taskList fills this gap quite nicely with an open-ended system that you can grow into. 

Just completed an excellent 2-minute overview video. You can click play at the top of this page: http://po-com.com/tasklist

Definitely meets Inboxer's minimum GTD requirements - and, I think goes a number of steps more. I attached your spreadsheet to this post, as well. Hope it makes your list! Thank you for your time.


  • Thank you for introducing Tasklist to us and will be glad to take a look at it.  Also, posting about a product and describing it’s features and the benefits of using it, is encouraged in this area of the forums.
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