How to Sync Outlook Exchange to Android Phone

For our coaching clients who want to use Outlook for email, calendar, and or tasks, we recommend using hosted Exchange Server. ( Hosted Exchange Server makes syncing to an external device much easier and up-to-the-minute (for Internet-enabled devices). 

The best program we've found for syncing to an Android phone is TouchDown, by Nitrodesk. The following are instructions for setting up TouchDown if you are using (see link above). If you are using a different service, this process will be similar. 

1) In the Android Market on your phone, download and install the free TouchDown application, NOT the $19.99 product key.
2) Start the program on your phone and click "Configure" 
3) Enter your Exchange email address and the password you use to access that email address.
4) On your computer, go to and log in to the control panel (not the webmail login)
5) On the left-side menu, click "Help" and then "Setup Information". This page shows the information you will need to finish setting up TouchDown.
6) On your Android phone, enter the User ID--called "Username" on your 123together information page. It should look something like this: "[yourcompany]I.[yourname]M1547Z2CY"
7) Domain is "MAIL" (will be different for anyone not using
8) Server =

With that information entered, click "Next"

Select "Don't know" for SSL.

Continue to click "Next" until the configuration is complete. 

You should see a screen which says, "Configuration Progress". Under "Result" it should say "SUCCESS" in all-caps. 

Click "Close"

TouchDown will begin to synchronize your Android phone with your Outlook account.

I recommend going into the Advanced tab in Settings and changing the following settings:

Check email frequency: "As items arrive"
Appointments to synchronize: "All"
Notify on new mail: uncheck
Enable appointment reminders: Checked
Update contact changes to phone: checked

Select "Save" at the bottom of your settings page.

TouchDown will now give you up-to-date views on your email, contacts, and calendar from Outlook.

If you going through Priacta's Total, Relaxed Organization Online Training and you are using Outlook or Trog for your tasks, you will need to make the following adjustments:
  • Set up a Master Categories List in Outlook, per the instructions in the training. This is not optional for you, if you want to be able to see tasks by category in your Android phone. 
  • During your daily review, make any must-do-today tasks "high" priority. This will allow you to easily see them on your Android phone.


  • Note: in order to continue using TouchDown beyond the 30 day trial period, you will need to purchase a product key. DO NOT PURCHASE THE PRODUCT KEY BEFORE INSTALLING TOUCHDOWN!

    When you are satisfied that TouchDown will meet your needs, follow the simple directions on their website to get a key:
  • For non-exchange servers, gSyncit ( works well for me.
    I have not done an extensive search, but since Outlook synchronization did not work at all with the included software with my i9000, I tried this and liked it.
    Disadvantage: you must have a Google account with calendar, contacts etc.
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