Help needed making it all work

Please help I have been frustrated over this for a long time.

I use outlook with gtd plug in, a blackberry and an iPad.

Seventy five percent of my work comes through email (about 100 per day). The gtd plug in works well for delegating and inserting email into the categorized task list.

What is so frustrating is that I can't find applications that will allow me to process emails in the same way.
I can read, delete or file email from the mobile devices but I can't process them into the task list.
This means I have to wait to process things until I am at my computer. Very inefficient!

Has anyone experienced similar frustration with similar devices? Any solutions or suggestions?



  • @Mojolzzo,

    Mobile devices across the board are generally lacking both diversity and sophistication in the task management solutions they offer. This means a couple of things for you:
    1. You should expect it to be harder to do the same things on a mobile device
    2. You should expect to have to make system adaptations to deal with any limitations on your chosen device

    Our training system and coaches can help you deal with the specifics of your device. I've tagged a couple of coaches who may be able to help.

    @kcren @Coach_Nate

    Can you weigh in on this?
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