Using Podio for my TRO plus coordinating with my team?

I am exploring using Podio to try to integrate my personal TRO workflow with my team.  It has some features and flexibility that look promising - I'm wondering if any other TRO'ers have tried this platform, and especially if anyone has created any TRO-related "apps" on the system that you would be willing to share?


  • Thanks for asking. We've done a careful reassessment of Podio, and here is what we've found:

    We don't recommend Podio for TRO. While it has unlimited contexts (labels), Hard Date (due date), Task Notes, and Context Views, it doesn't support TRO Views like Unprocessed List, dedicated Hotlist, and To Do List. You could only assign labels to tasks, a due date, and task notes--not enough for an efective task list.

    Podio also doesn't support alternative methods that could be used to accomplish the same things: no sub-labels, no advanced saved searches.
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