2Do For TRO and GTD?

I've been using this tool for a few weeks and find it works really well for TRO. [Total, Relaxed Organization -Ed.] It supports multiple tags, smart lists, 2 dates, unprocessed task list (Inbox). It syncs to Toodledo and has iOS apps (probably Android too). Also supports AppleScript so I've got some fancy stuff that integrates it to Outlook and Evernote. 

You might consider adding this to your comparison list.


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    While 2Do is one of the more expensive of the iPhone apps ($9.99), many of our clients really love it. If you don't like the look and feel of the new (ugly but powerful) Toodledo app, then you need to give 2Do a try.

    At first it looks like 2Do provides no way to see your Unprocessed tasks list, but that's not correct. The list is just oddly named, and your settings need to be correct:

    Configure your Settings so all lists are visible, and the Toodledo list becomes your Unprocessed tasks list. It  shows tasks which have no Context, so 2Do doesn't recognize it as being in a 2Do list, so it sees the tasks as only being in Toodledo. Hence the name of the list.

    The smart lists are a very nice feature (but you should understand that they are not the same as the Toodledo web site's saved searches).

  • BTW, we plan to add 2Do to the list of GTD software. Thansk for bringing this to our attention.
  • Oh good!  I've been doing TRO mostly with Toodledo for 3+ years.  But I'm never 100% satisfied and have switched back and forth multiple times.  I recently gave 2do a spin and I love it!  I've been trying to get it set up for TRO and getting stuck a bit with the smart lists as they aren't as robust as the toodledo saved searches.  If you guys have anything prepared for a setup, even just a simple set of instructions, it would really help me.

  • Are you still planning on adding 2do? Just wondering what setting to use.
  • Thank you for your inquiry.  We already posted basic 2DO setup for use with TRO.  For your reference: http://www.priacta.com/forum/discussion/1389/using-2do-for-gtd-and-tro-total-relaxed-organization
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