PST files locked by TrogBar?

Working with Outlook 2003, seems like Trogbar locked my .pst file so other programs (backup, mobile device syncing) were not able to access it even with Outlook closed.


  • Sorry about this. Once before we heard tell of a bug something like this but couldn't make heads or tails of the report, and no email address was provided. We'll be looking into this, and hopefully we can get a fix for you soon.
    For clarification, exactly what indication did you have that the .pst file had been "locked?" Also, did you confirm via task manager that the Outlook process was actually gone? Outlook has a "feature" that can cause it to not actually go away when you close it. Sometimes the only way to get Outlook to close entirely is to abort it in Task Manager.
    Thanks for reporting this, and again, I'm sorry for the trouble.
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