Netcentrics GTD Outlook Add-In

The Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In by Netcentrics is the only add-in for Outlook endorsed by David Allen to our knowledge. For this reason, a more detailed analysis is needed here.

It supports projects and sub-projects nicely and manages emails for you, keeping originals around for easy replying. The interface is fairly simplistic. It only supports a single context/category per task--a serious limitation in our book.

We had high hopes that this tool would also support Total, relaxed Organization (TRO) (advanced GTD-compatible task and time management) because the add-ins tasks are visible in normal Outlook views. Unfortunately, it falls far short. The tool enforces a highly rigid interpretation of GTD to the point of impairing your productivity (at least compared to the boost you get from TRO's extensions to the GTD methods). For example, new actions cannot be assigned a Due Date when the GTD Add-in is processing it, so you can't do any kind of auto-prioritization. You'll have to scan long lists of tasks to find next actions. You could set the Due Date separately once the task in in your task list, but you'd need to hunt it down in the lists to do it. Also, reminders are only supported in the Calendar, not via Task reminders, and Deferring is absolutely limited to creating Appointments. We understand that David Allen espouses this approach, but long experience has shown us that there are much better, simpler, more productive ways to deliver on GTD's promise of contextual productivity.

Caution: this plug-in does not uninstall cleanly. It leaves many, many folders and custom views behind in Outlook when it is uninstalled, and they have to be removed manually.

Contrary points of view are welcome.
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