TodoPaper Released - TaskPaper for Windows

Hey All,

I was an avid user of TaskPaper for some time, but was always struggling with to-do lists at work, since we use Windows PC's there. So, I took initiative and starting building TodoPaper. After 1 month of development and 3 months of beta testing, I give you TodoPaper 1.0.

If you use TaskPaper at all, you will be glad to know that much of the same functionality exists in TodoPaper. With collaboration from Jesse at HogBay Software, the saved files from TodoPaper are perfectly cross-compatible with TaskPaper. So, transferring your to-do lists between work and home (i.e., windows to mac) works out of the box.

You can learn more here: 


  • Jordan,

    Thanks for the announcement. I'll send an email with details needed to get your product posted on the software list. Fill it out, send back to me, and we'll get it posted ASAP.

    The current version of the new product document is also attached to this post.
  • Here are the details of the final assessment (see attachment). It's in the table now. Let us know if we've missed anything.
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