Nozbe vs RTM

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I'm just starting TRO online training. I already have a Nozbe account.

I set up training with RTM as instructed and noted the modifications to use Nozbe instead.

I am not completely opposed to changing to RTM, but would prefer not to change. With the few modification noted in the TRO instruction, will I really be just as productive with Nozbe?

TRO is already a change from the basic GTD process I have used. I'm not sure I want to add learning RTM on top of that.



  • Dale,

    To answer your first question: "Will I be as productive with Nozbe?"

    Simply put, I never suggest Nozbe to clients. It is possible to do TRO with the paid versions of Nozbe, however it is more expensive than premium versions of other task lists, and it is not as effective at auto-prioritizing tasks as some other task lists. 

    However, your second point is equally valid: if you already know and like Nozbe, then it is a good option for you, so long as you change how you are using it (no longer GTD style). 
  • Thanks for the quick response and advise Nate.

    I think I will just switch to RTM. I will take a day or so to get used to RTM and then continue my TRO training. I will probably just go ahead with the Pro RTM version as soon as I start my training sessions again

  • @Coach_Nate: Is your opinion still the same re: Nozbe? Or have there been changes to the application that have changed your mind?

    I now find myself in a Lotus Notes environment and I am looking at Nozbe again and I want to pick up my TRO training again. I have used RTM in the past. I love the location-specific stuff, but have never successfully done Projects in RTM.

    My role is Biz Dev which entails the need for a CRM tool (which I also need to find. Different topic). And the need to juggle 15-20 projects at a time. While balancing CRM activities.

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