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So the online training has us get a big box, dump stuff in there as we are sweeping out the old in preparation for the new.  However, I don't really have much paper.  Most of my clutter is online, old failed organizing systems, random folders, perhaps a lurking sharepoint site or two.  So I haven't really seen any direction yet on getting the online junk organized.  Hard to dump all that stuff in a box somewhere.

Any suggestions?


  • In the section called "Retire Your Unapproved Collection Points" there is a side box about this.

    Electronic stuff like this qualifies as an "unusual collecting point" and should be as outlined in Appendix 1: "Dealing with Difficult Collecting Points." The principles for these collecting points are the same as for all collecting points, but keep the following in mind:

    1) An old pile is almost always a Someday/Maybe pile. You won't find "hot" items in there, so you can retire the collecting point as the appendix explains and process it much later. Exceptions go in a special "2 week" box to be processed with your Inbox.
    2) Some of these places act like filing cabinets. Treat the electronic cabinet the same way the appendix outlines, but electronically.

    (We are updating the TRO training, and this subject will be even clearer in the update, which will happen automatically for all trainees with no effort needed and no interruption of training.)
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    Here is something from the coming update:

    Closing a Bad Collection Point

    1. Consolidate unprocessed stuff. Anything "hot" goes in your inbox; everything
      else goes in a "box." (If it's electronic stuff, your "box" is a single task in your list that points
      to all those places. Don't move the data.)
    2. Close the location to collecting (no new unprocessed stuff).
    3. Collect the task to process actionable items later.

    Does this help?

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