Any update on when next version of Trogbar will be released?

I'm anxious to give it a try as I can't use current version due to Outlook 2010 compatibility issues. Let me know if you need beta testers.



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    We are currently gathering information from people interested in helping us with our next beta test. We will begin internal alpha within days and will open up to beta testers as soon as we are satisfied with the usability and stability of the software. 

    Feel free to email us at "[email protected]" if you are interested in being notified of our new beta release. 
  • Thanks for the response Nate. I just sent the email and look forward to trying the beta version soon.
  • Any news on an update to TROG bar? It's been three months since the news above. Is it still in Beta or getting close to release?  Thanks!
  • As far as what Nate was talking about, we're using it internally right now, but it is still a bit glitchy in some places. We're working on ironing out minor bugs, workflow, and security before making it available to beta users.
  • So when is the next release of Trog Bar actually planned?
  • I'm really sorry, company policy is to never give specific dates in these circumstances because it has a tendency to create a conflict between the disclosed date (which then has public accountability) and quality. We know that we want to always favor quality over a fast release, so not leaking arbitrary deadlines lets us do that without disappointing people.

    What I can tell you is that we're using it internally and it is wonderful, but still has some glitches and workflow issues we need to iron out. We're all itching to push this out the door, but we have to make sure it is rock solid first.
  • Though it has been pushed to a very late date already as compared to its initial scheduled release, I am still happy to note that a new release is just right around the corner.

    I think that we have to understand that they cannot disclose release dates so that it would not bring any false hopes up and so things could be downplayed.

    Though I really think the new release would be worth the wait. I am only expecting a few updates but useful ones at that.
  • Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to come back here and post an update.

    The new system is available at We opened the doors for the public beta just last week.

    Obviously this is more than just a name change. Donedesk is a complete rebuild on top of a completely different set of technologies. Donedesk includes most of the underlying features that people loved about Trog Bar, but the new foundation allows Donedesk to do things that were completely impossible with Trog Bar's Outlook based foundation.

    What's New?

    1. Delegation - This is Donedesk's signature feature. Nothing does delegation better or more easily than Donedesk. Just tell Donedesk who needs to complete the assignment, and everything else is automatic. Donedesk helps you follow up, manage deadlines, track the status, and facilitates any needed discussion about the assignment.
    2. Collaboration - Similar to delegation, pulling multiple people together to work on a single task is easy. You've never used anything like this
    3. Customizable Lists - Select and re-order columns, group, sort, search. Donedesk does a lot better job of this than Trog Bar did.
    4. Inline Editing - Donedesk allows a majority of edits to be done directly on the task list. If you are doing a lot with a set of tasks, this will speed things up quite a bit.
    5. Accessible Anywhere - You can access Donedesk from any computer, anywhere in the world. No need to try to sync your data between computers.
    6. Doesn't require Outlook - Trog required Outlook to be installed on the computer. The single most frequent request that our customers made was to eliminate this requirement. We listened. Requirement gone.

    What's Missing?

    1. Offline Access - Donedesk doesn't currently provide any offline access. This is something we'd like to support in the future, but it is not available right now.
    2. Direct Outlook Integration - Trog Bar as built directly on top of Outlook's data storage. This provided unprecedented integration with Outlooks data, but it was slow and error prone. Trog Bar and Outlook could both hang if 3rd party apps did bad things. We also had an army of people begging for something that didn't require Outlook. We know some users will be sad to lose the direct connection to Outlook, but we believe that the improved performance and stability are worth it.
    3. Natural Project Management - Trog's agile project hierarchy functionality has not been integrated yet. This is already planned and you can follow the status in our Donedesk Uservoice forum
    4. Integrated Appointment List - This didn't seem to be getting much use. If you'd like to see an integrated calendar or appointment list in Donedesk, add a suggestion in our Donedesk Uservoice forum

    What's Changed?

    1. Email Integration - Trog integrated with your email inbox by building directly on top of Outlook. For some users (myself included) this was invaluable, but many other users were confused and it was too easy to configure it badly (resulting in massive lists of garbage). Donedesk has strong email integration, but it uses a different system to accomplish this:
      1. Integrated comments keep a majority of communication about tasks OUT of your inbox in the first place. If you get a lot of assignment related emails, move your team to Donedesk and you'll feel like a new person. Instead of flooding your inbox, comments are connected with tasks directly. (You can set your options to get emails about comments in your inbox, but since the communication is already connected with the associated task in Donedesk, these emails are mostly informational, and don't need to be handled like tasks.)
      2. Emails sent from Donedesk include a toolbar at the top with buttons for the most likely operations (such as replying, or marking a task as complete). This makes it easy to work with Donedesk assignments from others. It also means that you can assign tasks to anyone who has an email address (even if they don't use Donedesk.)
      3. You can reply to most emails from Donedesk. Donedesk extracts your reply and adds a comment to the associated task.
      4. Finally, any assignments that you do get in your inbox can be forwarded to Donedesk using a special email address. Donedesk will automatically create a task from the email.
      These processes are different than email integration in Trog Bar, but they work well. Assignment related emails drop to almost nothing when team members adopt Donedesk. For any assignments that you do get via email, forwarding to Donedesk is easy and only takes a second.
    2. Tasksense - Many users were confused about how this worked. Tasksense has been replaced by a simpler "Smart Date" system in Donedesk. Smart Dates tend to achieve very similar results, but with much greater transparency, which means less scratching your head wondering why things are in a particular order.
    Overall Donedesk is a massive step forward, but it is still young. We're very interested in feedback, especially on the collaboration functionality.

    Trog Bar will be slowly phased out over the next few months as we eliminate the migration and integration barriers that prevent some users from being able to integrate Donedesk with their workflow as thoroughly as Trog Bar. We anticipate that this will require an API (to allow desktop, mobile, and offline integration/apps) and a good import feature (to migrate existing data from Outlook.) If you see anything else that is needed for a smooth transition, please let us know (either here, or in the Donedesk Uservoice Forum)
  • Is Donedesk free? If not, will Trogbar users get "upgraded" to Donedesk?
  • OK, I'm confused. I signed up at Donedesk and as far as I can tell, this is purely a web-based task manager. So at this point, there's nothing here that existing Trog Bar users can use, as it has no integration with Outlook and no plugin, desktop app, or API to allow communication with Outlook?

    I may be missing something, but I'm very disappointed. I *paid for* Trog Bar specifically *because* it ran side-by-side with Outlook. If I wanted a web-based task manager I have literally dozens to choose from that don't do what I want.
  • Yes, Donedesk is free. A set of premium features is on the roadmap and when those are added previous Trog Bar customers will be "upgraded" to premium accounts.

    Please remember that Trog Bar is still supported and will continue to be supported until a reasonable migration path to a functional alternative has been available for a responsible period of time.

    We do understand that the lack of direct Outlook integration is a problem for some people. We're considering what options are available. An API is essential to this, and already planned. Some level of sync is a likely possibility. The API will certainly make an Outlook plugin an option, although it is too early to say for sure whether we will maintain an Outlook plugin ourselves.

    As far as why Donedesk is a web tool, not an Outlook based desktop product, abandoning the Outlook platform was not an easy decision, but it was critical. Trog Bar had already pushed beyond the limits of what was possible within the Outlook platform. Almost every new support request orbited the Outlook platform limitations. Key functionality that needed to be added could not be implemented without a central server. As we evaluated the options it became clear that Outlook was holding us back and only an online tool could really move this to the next level.

    Again, Trog is not dead yet. We still continue to provide support for Trog Bar users. We want to provide a clean and painless transition for our current Trog Bar users to be able to move to Donedesk before we officially close that door.

    Your feedback on exactly what your needs are would be very helpful as we design the APIs and tools to facilitate this transition. Exactly which parts of Trog's tight Outlook integration are the most important to you? Was it the ability to see the same data in both places? Was it the offline access? Quick access to common Outlook screens? Ability to open a task and use the full Outlook interface for advanced operations? Tight coupling of emails and tasks? Understanding which functionality is important to you and our other users will help us achieve similar levels of integration in Donedesk.
  • I'm with Brian428 - am really disappointed that this has been moved to an online platform. 

    A) the tight Outlook integration is really important to me and is the reason this is working for me.  Trogbar is my favourite task manager so far and I can use other plugins with it (like Simplyfile) without having to leave my usual work planning environment.

    B) More importantly, I am not putting my personal task management data on a cloud/SaaS platform.  I'm a data specialist by trade, I understand the risks, and I won't do it, except perhaps minimally for synchronisation purposes.

    If and when you do get to the point of deprecating support for Trogbar, have you decided what you're going to do with it? Open source perhaps?  I think it's a fabulous interface for Outlook data and enables a very effective work methodology, and I can't see why it shouldn't have a future. 

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