Why does the online training put me back at the same place every time I log in? (resolved)

edited November 2011 in TRO Online Training
I've just started doing the sessions. I worked my way up to and through the part where the online training asks you to list 10 stressors. I've since gone quite a ways past this but when I log in I'm back at this same page. Is my progress not being recorded or perhaps I'm failing to complete some aspect of the online interface. I'm simply pressing the 'continue' buttons and following the material. Twice now, back at 'list your 10 stressors' page.


  • Todd,

    Go to a random page using the navigation links on the left column, preferably something you have completed. Click "Done: Go to Next." When you log back in, it should put you at the last point where you clicked that.

    If that does not work: Do you have cookies enabled on your computer? Do you have any browser add-ons installed which might be interfering with saving your data?
  • Okay, thanks for the tip. I had just installed a privacy add-on called 'Taco' which was preventing cookies being written for this site.
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