How do I download the Field Guide for Toodledo? (resolved)

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Hello! I signed up for the online training about a week ago. Following the directions at the time, I put in "Outlook" as my to-do list manager, because I use Toodledo. Since then you've now come out with a version of the training specifically for Toodledo users! Yay!

So now I went into my "dashboard" and changed my to-do list tool from Outlook to Toodledo (the other tools are Google Calendar, Gmail, iPhone). But I can't find any way to download the field guide! I've looked high and low, and a download option doesn't seem to be anywhere. It's difficult using the Outlook-based Field Guide and trying to factor in the changes for Toodledo suggested in the forum--I need the right field guide! Help!



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    As part of the technical process that led to this recent update, we had to remove the PDF downloads. It simply wasn't possible to continue maintaining downloads for all the tool combinations (including a couple of tools that training dimensions have been written, for, but are not fully reviewed and released, the number of tool combinations just exploded to almost 25 thousand.) Each PDF had to be prebuilt, then uploaded to the server, which isn't practical as the numbers grow this large. In addition, the format of the training has changed substantially to take advantage of the interactive nature of the web, and while this is a tremendous benefit to the training, the new structure simply doesn't translate well into a PDF.
  • Thanks! That's a helpful answer. Perhaps I can cobble together what I need from the individual pages of the online course.

    Just an idea, since you're probably already on top of this, but it appears to me that the field guide looks quite a bit like a flattened version of the online course. Depending on how your content management works, it should be possible to generate a field guide automatically from the same sources; that's the sort of thing that SGML/XML is good at.

    In any case, thanks very much for providing this course!

  • An updated generic field guide at a minimum I think would be a good idea if they can't be auto-generated from the tool specific online training.  Otherwise, grouped set of field guides should be SERIOUSLY considered.

    I often utilize the material offline and with the updates, I miss them at critical times.  At a minum a set of PDF's for the charts would be good.  Printing from the online training does not offer ability to produce a clean PDF or print for me to post in my office without cumbersome header data.

    I hope there is enough outcry.  It would be a shame not to continue a good idea

  • The generic field guide idea was already considered extensively and decided against, for a variety of reasons; but, downloadable PDF versions of the charts may be an interesting idea. The charts are still tool specific in some cases, but there may be some merit to offering generic charts as an alternative to printing. We'll look into this.
  • I don't know if this will change your mind, but there are inexpensive third-party components your programmers could use for piecing together PDF files. You could have the various pieces of the manual on your server and create a customized PDF for the user from those pieces in just a few seconds.

    I am disappointed to hear that the field guide has gone away. I had one for Outlook and came here to see if I could get one for Toodledo, completely willing to pay the $80 again.

  • @Brianh, The content is still very available, and we recently added some excellent Toodledo instructions. We just don't offer a downloadable PDF file anymore. The training content is all online. I don't know if this addresses your real needs or not.

    What you describe is (sort of) what the system was doing already, except that it was compiling the files from generated HTML instead, and the compilation had to be done separately from the web server. The technical issues are not insurmountable by any means, so if it was only a technical question we wouldn't have removed this from the offering.

    The debates about whether to remove this were long and intense. The conclusion was reached as a result of an overwhelming number of associated issues. Here is a sample of the other areas that this touched:
    1. Many customers would download the PDF, then returning the training via our generous no questions asked return policy. Removing the downloadable PDF caused a dramatic and immediate drop in returns.
    2. Our analysis showed that the presence of the PDF had little or no measurable impact on initial sales. This conclusion was validated when removing it caused no measurable decline.
    3. A change in the training paradigm which simplified the content for both readers and editors ("jargon" terms, which display information in tip bubbles, and links to further information in the appendix) could not be mimicked in a satisfactory way in a PDF file. This would have resulted in PDF trainees having a confusing and inferior training experience.
    4. The training is beginning to gather and become dependent on content that the PDFs can't display (such as videos).
    5. A huge part of training success is the 21 day followup. The training initiates this interactively, the PDF just can't.
    This isn't a complete list of concerns, but it does highlight some of the really tough ones. This was a hard decision for us, but we determined that the downloadable PDFs were holding back the whole system, and it was better to cut this feature so we could provide better content for our customers.

    There are a number of alternatives that you can consider, which may offer most or all of the value that the PDF did (depending on your situation):
    1. The Online Training and PDF didn't contain any different content. All of the same instructions are still available.
    2. You can navigate the training on your iPad or Android tablet.
    3. You can print pages from the training as needed (The training uses some excellent "print" styles, which will limit the printed information to only the training's content area.)
    4. You can use a PDF printer to print specific pages if you really want them as a PDF and not as a printed page. (I use CutePDF myself. There are plenty of others too.)
    If you are aware of a specific use for the PDF that the Online Training doesn't handle, feel free to share it and we'll consider whether we can address it in some other way.
  • Hi. I am completing the online training and am wondering....

    How long are the online materials available to me? I will need to access them from time to time for clarification and support, especially now that downloadable PDFs are not available for longterm reference.

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    • - From the time of purchase, you will have access to the online training for 1 year.
    • - Priacta under new ownership, current users will have until March 31, 2015 to finish and access their training.
    • - No separate PDF downloads are available any more. We support more than 8000 tool combinations, it just isn't practical. That's one reason we give you ongoing access to the online training.

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