How do meeting agenda items automatically rise to the top in Toodledo?

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I've been following the course work and getting into meeting agendas and 1to1 meetings. The popup explanations of meeting agenda seems to be circular. It explains what they are, then that they should pop up automatically, then back to the explanation. So, I'm still not clear on the concept. Am I creating a different project for every action or discussion item for the next meeting? Each of them would have a hard date of the meeting, so they would tend to rise to the top of Toodledo. I don't see how I would group all the meeting items together though they would tend to individually cluster together based on the priority and hard date.



  • Hi ToddR,

    Hope I didn't misunderstand, but here goes: You will set meeting contexts using a Tag in Toodledo. You can view by Tag by going to the top menu "View By:" and then clicking "Tag" and then selecting the tab for the meeting. It will show you the meeting items grouped together. You can adjust accordingly using the "Sort by" bar.

    I hope that answers the question. If I misunderstood the question, please let me know how I can help you.


  • Hi Hanna,

    Okay. I get what you are saying. What I don't get is how this becomes manageable over time. If I understand your reply, you are saying to create a tag for every meeting. I would end up with endless tags. As it is now, I tag a project/task with a name for the group, not for a specific meeting.

    Let's say I attend a meeting on my calendar by the marketing group. I leave the meeting with several action items/projects for the next meeting. I create tasks/projects with the tag: marketing group for each action item with a hard date of the next meeting and a soft date to start the item. During the interim period, I get a few more agenda items for the next meeting. I do the same thing with them: tag them meeting group with hard date of the next meeting.

    Then to view the meeting agenda, I follow the procedure above: View By >> Tag >> Marketing Group. The meeting agenda items should be sorted together by the hard date. Hopefully if my system is set up correctly.

    Does that about sum it up?
  • Sorry, that should read "tag them 'marketing group' with hard date of the next meeting."
  • Yes, that sounds right. You will end up with different tags for different meetings, but Toodledo is very smart and will group your most popular ones on top.

    As you will always take off tasks that you have discussed in the meeting already, and only include "to dos", your tasks will remain manageable.

    Remember, as it is taught in training, you can use multiple tags on each task in Toodledo.

    I hope that helps!
  • Hi,

    I am going through the online training and I saw that it is recommended to prefix 1:1 meetings with a "1" so if I had a meeting with Stacy the tag would be "1Stacy" right? Can you please advise why that is preferable to a tag of just "Stacy"? Does the 1 prefix add some sorting advantage as to me it just seems less reader friendly and unnecessary?

  • It is your choice. We prefer it because it clearly points to a 1-1 meeting and there is no confusing it with anything else. It is a useful method of categorization. 
  • Hi Hanna,

    I don't see that I'm going to want to create a tag per meeting. I would create a tag per group I meet with regularly, departments or functions that regularly come up. Perhaps that what you meant.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Yes, this is what we mean. For example a tag for your Marketing Meetings etc. :)
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