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In following the online TRO instructions for creating the hotlist and weekly review list for Toodledo, I ran into a few issues.  For the hotlist, it turns out that even though the search criteria in the Toodledo settings specify that the program will select items within 3 days of their due date, the programming suppresses those that have future start dates, even by just a few days.  (I confirmed this with Toodledo tech support)  In other words, if the start date is in one day and the due date is in 3 days, the item will not show up in the hotlist until the start date arrives.  I had to work around this problem by saving a new search that allowed either the due date or the start date to be within 3 days.  For the weekly review, the part of your instructions that specify the date modified should not be within 7 days kept me from viewing any items that I added recently but that had start dates in the coming week, and so I deleted that part of the search term.  Is there something I am misunderstanding about your instructions? I think I am set now because I've saved alternate searches, but others may be having similar problems.


  • Thanks for the heads up. Some things might have changed since Toodledo changed their interface. We'll shortly be changing the pictures to coincide with this very recent change. 

    I'll update the training to reflect what you said. Thank you. 

  • That makes good sense. I didn't start using Toodledo until right after
    what sounds like a pretty substantial programming change was made to
    their service, so it is very possible that your instructions were for code which used to work fine but now
    needs to be modified a bit.  The hotlist part is particularly counterintuitive now in Toodledo, as the settings tab does not mention that the start date is driving the whole event.  I appreciate your response.
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    Hotlist comments

    They state that in their FAQ

    It says "Tasks with a future start-date will be hidden from the hotlist regardless of their priority, due-date, status or star"

    Weekly review is messed up

    I think the weekly review search is pretty messed up.  It says (my notes in red):

    Leave the selector at: Match All of the following criteria.
    Checked Off, no.
    + Add Rule
    Date Modified, was not in the last, "7" days  (lets say its friday, If I process something with start-date on monday it won't show up in my weekly review on monday)
    + Add Rule
    Due Date, is after, "today"
    + Add Rule
    Starred, no
    + Add Rule
    Priority, is not, -1 Negative
    + Add Rule
    Tag, doesn't contain, Templates

    This doesn't say anything about showing tasks with just a start date and no due date.... doesn't that show it as broken?

    Even if it did show tasks with start date (future or past), but no due date, that task I added (in my example above) on friday with a start date of monday wouldn't show up for a week...

    Am I missing something here?

  • Soooo... my solution was this:

    * remove the date modified rule
    * add a rule that says "starred" = "no" (these are in daily review and hotlist)
    * add an OR rule to the "due date" that is "doesn't exist" (past due date items are in hotlist)
    * add a rule "Start date" = "exists"

    Here is how I setup my weekly review:

  • All these issues have now been corrected. Thank you. 
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