Completed tasks not moved according to settings

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During the initial interview I configured Trog Bar to use TRO, pointed it towards my [Action] folder and told it I have my own system for marking completed tasks. I then configured it to move completed tasks to my [Completed] folder. But regardless of that, it leaves the emails in the [Action] folder and sets a completed flag on the email.

I've tried rerunning the interview with various settings and no matter what I do, it performs the same action every time.

Running Trog Bar 2010.3.4 (is this really the latest version) with beta features enabled.


  • I'm experiencing the same issue. Trog bar is not picking up unprocessed tasks from my [action] folder, and completed items get put in trash instead of completed.
  • @guerrillas, sounds like your first issue is different. Trog is usually very good about seeing the tasks in the [Action] folder. Check to make sure you have selected the correct [Action] folder. Sometimes they are crerated in a local (Personal Folders) .pst file instead of the main Exchange Server .ost file where your main Inbox and Calendar and Tasks reside.

    Do you see the issue (with completed items going to Deleted items) with beta features disabled?
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