Can you please update the Toodledo Training? (resolved)

edited November 2011 in TRO Online Training

Toodledo redesigned their interface on July 26, 2011. They now no longer allow the creation of tabs for saved searches on a nav bar across the top of the page. I think this really lessens the usability for GTD. I really just wanted to make the saved searches appear on every screen, but the closest I could come to this was to choose "Search" as the default Toodledo view. My searches then appear in the left column of the search view. I would much rather have them appear across the top like the screen captures in the Toodledo training.

Regarding the Toodledo tasklist training in Priacta, all of the screen captures are now out of date. Also, there are many other instances of the training being out of date. All combined, I probably wasted 4-5 hours yesterday trying to understand how to make the Priacta training work with the new Toodledo. 

link to site redesign announcement:


  • Hi there,

    Yes, we are definitely aware of this issue and are working to resolve it asap. Thank you.

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