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I need a GTD, TODO and note taking software. I have researched various but not able to find the perfect one. My requirements are,
  • should be available for Linux
  • should have offline and online modes
  • need lot of *visible* space to write - like tomboy notes; so evernotes (nevernotes) is out
  • should be able to sync with some easy online site like dropbox, ubuntuone etc
  • should be able to share selectively with others on internet, so tomboy is out
  • should have low learning curve; so no org-mode
  • should be free (or very cheap)
I could have used vimoutliner and dropbox, but my non-techie windows friends will not be able to see it clearly.

Can anyone give a suggestion on this?



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    [UPDATE December, 2011]: See comments below for more general recommendations on note-taking software for the average user.

    Shantanu, I asked the Head Coach, and this was his reply:

    His requirements constrain all task
    lists out of the picture.

    It's already hard to find software that
    does ANY kind of useful collaboration. Virtually all of it is paid (IE: not
    free) because if it is good it's saving your company money--they deserve to be
    paid. Linux is not a problem…unless you want something offline that also works
    with Windows. Most people don't make cutting-edge software for Linux, because
    Linux is uncommon and free. People using free software are less likely to pay
    serious money for good software. Most companies make software for profit.

    So the simple answer is this: He needs
    to pick what he wants most and find something that satisfies the most important
    requirements. I suggest that "improved productivity" be the top

    Hope that helps!

  • Hi,
    Thanks a lot, to you and the head coach, for the mail and sorry for the late reply. I had given up hope of getting any answer, so didn't check the list after few days.

    Can you suggest any paid solution? I am ok with paying if it is a amount i can afford. I am based in India . The dollar to INR conversion ratio is high, so cheap for Americans might not be cheap for me.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
  • Hi Shantanu,

    Unfortunately I am unaware of any such solution. Good luck.

  • Olikq,

    I have some great recommendations. Some are free. Some allow sharing. Some are feature-rich. I'll offer my recommendations, and you decide what you want:

    • Microsoft One-Note: Easily my favorite note-taking software. Record discussions as you take notes, and you can actually hear what was being discussed when you took particular notes. Drag/drop pictures, files, emails, hyperlinks, and almost anything else straight into your pages. Also syncs to Live Office, allowing anywhere access/editing of your notes. With iPad and Android apps available and handwriting options, OneNote fits almost any situation. The only drawback is the price tag. 
    • Evernote: Evernote has received accolades all over the web. I recommend premium registration. With full features, Evernote allows you to share, scan searchable documents, and upload bigger files. With apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad, you'll be able to use Evernote on almost any device. However, make sure you don't use Evernote as a task manager, as it will not auto-sort your lists for you.
    • Google Docs: Google Docs allows you to share documents, simultaneously edit, and with the Chrome browser installed, you can get your documents even when you are offline (after setup). If you do not have Chrome, or if you want your Google Docs on your mobile device, myriad 3rd-party programs will help you sync to just about anything. The best part about Google Docs: it's free.
    There you have it. My three top picks for note-taking software. 

    Does anyone else have suggestions, something they use and like?

    ~coach nate
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