Trog bar asks for licence each time I open it.

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Trog bar asks for licence each time I open it.

I've got a licence, I past it in, it says ok, works until Trog bar closed, then when reopened, I get Trog Bar Trial diologue, must input licence again.

Please help


  • This is unusual. Are you sure you are entering a valid license? It should show some information under results (usually something like "this license belongs to...".

    If you see the license information under results and it still doesn't save the license, then there is some problem saving the information to the registry. Try running Trog Bar as an administrator. Alternately, you could manually add the key to the registry (regedit, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Priacta\Trog Bar\ add a "Product Key" value and input the key.)
  • Ok, thanks for inspiration.
    I did 2 things:  ran trog bar.exe as admin
    and didn't include the KEY at the top of the key from the email, if you know what I mean.  Before I started copying at the K, in KEY.  This time I started after the Y.

    Then I saw the Validate button, and validated and I was in.  Done, Thanks.
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