Trog Bar startup keeps giving error message that Outlook not default email client etc...

I have installed Trog Bar 2010.03.04 on my PC, running Windows XP Pro SP3 with Outlook 2003 (v11.0 8169.8172). When I start Trog Bar up, it gives the Microsoft Outlook Error 'no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request'. I have Outlook set as my default mail client, happily sending and receiving emails. I don't use Exchange Server, I just use a POP3 account with my ISP.

After I click 'OK' in the initial error message window, the 'Trog Bar Trial' window appears, in which I then click 'Continue Without Registering'. The Trog Bar splash screen then appears, briefling showing 'Initializing', then disappears. However, I can find no sign of Trog Bar active with Outlook.

As the windows mentioned above are opening and closing, Windows Task Manager's 'Processes' tab shows 'TrogBar.exe' starting and stopping. After the Trog Bar splash screen has closed, there is no TrogBar.exe process running. I guess this is why there is no sign of it in Outlook.

Advice would be appreciated as soon as possible. Trog Bar looks a great product and it is very frustrating not being able to try it out.


  • This typically means that the Outlook installation itself has a problem. Here's the lowdown on what is happening on your computer.

    Outlook has two systems that it uses to allow other applications to communicate with it. One system is called "COM", and is usually used for high level communication (asking Outlook to display a specific folder for instance.) The other system is called "MAPI" and is usually used for lower level communication (like requesting the contents of a specific record.)

    For most purposes your computer tries to insulate you from "MAPI", and simply calls it "your default mail client". Only one program on your computer can be configured to receive MAPI requests, and barring some corruption that program should typically be the same as your default mail client.

    In this case Trog has detected that outlook is installed (or else it wouldn't have gotten as far as it did) but when it tried to request data from Outlook using MAPI, the request failed. Most likely this means that the MAPI dll is damaged, missing, or has been replaced. This might happen if you installed another mail client (like Thunderbird.) Most other mail clients only offer an incomplete MAPI implementation (or none at all).

    The easiest way to fix this is probably to reinstall Outlook, although if it is a problem with the MAPI dll, it may be possible to manually replace the dll with a copy of the right one. If you decide to take the latter route, you can find instructions online (search for outlook mapi dll fix).
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