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I'm beginning :)
No before after pictures though... I come with a GTD background and looking int TRO to make things better, and some actually work for me (like the TROG bar automatic prioritizing - it's perfect



  • OK. I decided to put here in this thread, what I do already. My experience may prove useful to another. But definitely this evaluation will help me to clear out what I have established up to now.
    I joined Priacta Online Self Training after I struggled for about 2 years with GTD.  GTD is a great philosophy, but in the end I found it hard to follow up. My main 2 reasons for failure was
    -    Weekly review (was too long to be done)
    -    Prioritizing (Under no way I could view and re-evaluate at each time what to do among 100 tasks. )
    Up to now I found  solutions for these with the TRO system. It’s like magic working by itself. And I started feeling RELAXED 
    At the time I write these, I have followed up training up to Accountability chapter.
    I use TRO for both work and life (I’m a get-organized junky). I don’t want to mix those two though. I don’t want to spend time during job to organize my personal life, and when I spend time from personal life for job, I need to know it’s by choice and not neglecting the latter.
    I use a single Laptop computer which I carry with me at job and home. I’ll opt-in for a Windows mobile based device but right now my not-in-front-of-computer time is handled by pen and paper (pretty good I could say).
    My job office has:
    -    Desk with my computer and all tools I need (mouse, pen, papers, etc).
    o    An inbox tray for papers
    o    An inbox tray for current projects papers
    -    A shelf with
    o    A dossier for filing paper projects that I do not work with
    o    Space to file physical things that I don’t use daily but frequently (e.g my CD-Box)
    Most of files and projects though are computer based.  So I have in my laptop.
    A folder with subfolders (one per current project)
    An out-project folder. When a project ends but I want to file information away, I just zip it (to save space) and move it to out folder
    There are also many folders in our company file server. Some projects I’m obliged to work and store there. No problem  I create links in my current folder, so automatically I incorporate them in my current box.
    My work email works as my main inbox. Even if I see a link or have a file that need to process later, I just send it to myself.  We even have some shared-folders that we must monitor. Even when something new enters there that I need to handle, I just make a copy of it to my inbox and forget my shared-folder.  Then regularly while I triage my inbox email leave from there and go to subfolder for filing (for future reference). Due to company policy, I don’t delete many emails, but still I keep my inbox clean ;)
    When I triage an email (and means it enters the TROG unprocessed or directly under a context) the email must leave my inbox.
    I use TROG bar with a local pst file. No exchange. We don’t have. I don’t have TROG bar to manage my emails. The way I described above works fine for me.
    At home, I have also almost the same layout of office. When I get home, I attach my laptop at the docking station there, and I can work again for personal matters. My personal email is Gmail. Once I see an email I either delete it, or triage it and then delete it ;)
    Again here I have my inbox tray, my current projects tray, and a set of filing folders (I tend to keep papers, bills, and all the papers a homestead must file away).
    Each morning I wake up, I’m getting my breakfast in front of my computer.
    I check my facebook, gmail, some news…
    I check my Trog bar to see what’s in for me when I get to work (somehow this relaxes me and let me enjoy breakfast; since I know what will happen at the office)
    Also I specifically check my (personal) tasks, and set on a paper an action plan for my afternoon. Exclamation marks are my ‘must do’ and tildas (~) are may do. I have a bad habit that once I finish work and get back home, I don’t want to plan my (half-left) day. I’m too tired. The action plan is like an auto-pilot. Sometimes I’m even bored to plug and open my laptop . No problem my plan is there.
    When I go to work, I only process my job emails (which I don’t have access from home) and tray inbox. Then I’m ready to start.
    I start with appointments and must do today and then continue with tasks with soft-dates. When I create a task that has no hard-date to put a soft-date of exactly 1 week after today. This way I kind distribute tasks as they come, but still I can give to some higher priority by providing a less-than-a-week soft date if needed.
    Magically the above gets all the stress and worry from and I’m able to focus on doing things.
    Someday/Maybe are tasks or even unprocessed project ideas that I’m sure that I don’t want to start right now. I want to re-think before I start again.
    Regarding projects/steps.
    The 1st task of a project is also the main task. In the notes in TrogBar I put next steps, open issues, ideas, etc.
    If I create a 2nd task for a project then I start it with a dash “-“. This will tell me that there are some notes on another project-task entry. Also if a project-task does not start a dash, I will double check before I set to ‘complete’, because the project completes.
    TRO has made a great impact up to now to my organizing. I was tempted to stop here, as I feel that I got everything I needed. But I’ll just keep push on to finish as I know that there are other things to gain from this training… let’s see
  • 1/8/2011

    Control Feeling 90%
    2 minutes
    2 minutes
    Home inbox: 3 items
    Job inbox: 10 items

  • Congratulations @killerchip! Really happy to hear you're making it work for you, and I enjoyed reading your unique methods.
  • Thanks Hhawthorne


    Control Feeling 95%
    5 minutes
    5 minutes
    Home inbox: 5
    Job inbox: 10
  • Killerchip,

    I'm curious, how are you doing several months later? Still at least 90%?
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