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I was interested in the Online Training, but note that the free offer for TrogBar premium is only available to Windows users. I am on a MacBook. Since the TrogBar has a $45 value, what sort of equal value do you offer Mac users? A $45 discount on Online Training, for example? I would love to do the training, but am not happy with the lack of equality for Mac users.



  • Hi soundog

    The TrogBar is free with the training, and a lot of users (such as myself) choose not to use the TrogBar, even if  they run a Windows OS.

    Unfortunately, we cannot offer a discount to a training that is already well worth over the investment of $79 if users cannot use the Trog Bar or choose not to.

    Hope you enjoy the training. $79 is nothing to pay for the dividends it pays for the many many years to come in terms of work, success, and family.

  • Understood. What MacBook-based software do/can you recommend to use with your system? I would only be using it on a MacBook. I like using computer-based task management (although could use paper-based if necessary).

    Thanks for the quick response....
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    @soundog, I am not well-versed with MacBook-based software, but I recommend you consider a free 15 minute consultation with our Head Coach, as he knows most about software. You can reach him at 1 888 PRIACTA.

    I personally prefer using web-based products, Toodledo being my favorite. This circumvents the whole operating system dilemma.
  • H -

    Thank you. I will try Toodledo, despite its name.

    But, offering a free piece of software that is valued at about 50% of the online training price ONLY to Windows users leaves a bad taste, especially when you parade so many happy glowing reviews of the TrogBar on your website. I want a TrogBar too, darn it!

    Priata marketing and development teams ... may I suggest that you make or port a Mac version of the TrogBar. It won't be that difficult to do. Be wary of trends, or go the way of troglodytes! Mac users now number over 50 million, with 27% growth year over year. A Mac is now sold for nearly every 4 PCs sold.

    And how about a TRO iPad app? I don't need to tell you that those things are becoming ubiquitous and selling like hotcakes. They are perfect for managing tasks, calendars, and priorities.
  • @soundog, well, we now have a new piece of software that is available for both Windows and Mac. It's at Please check it out. Let us know what you think. 
  • I think that it is just one of those things we have to live with, and go on without questioning the implementation.  I mean, it really does not translate to equal treatment between windows and mac users but you can understand that in terms of return of investment from a wide user base.  That being, a bigger crowd on windows which means, they can earn more from them through other means. But for mac, they invested to get users through.
  • Hhawthorne .... of course the software you mention is browser based, and not desktop software. Thank you, though.

    Walbert .... yes, I think you are right!
  • Soundog,

    We're moving away from desktop and towards the web for a variety of reasons, one of which is Mac support. Developing a desktop application that can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac is disturbingly difficult and error prone. Web applications don't suffer from this problem (mostly), and provide a number of substantial advantages in terms of data availability.

    Donedesk is really the next generation of what the Trog Bar was. The best features from Trog Bar have been incorporated into Donedesk, and the new platform allows some critical new functionality, such as deeply integrated support for delegation and collaboration (something that desktop applications simply can't handle well because it requires a public server to do right).
  • Bug_Slayer - OK, that makes sense. I'll have to have a deeper look at Donedesk....

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