Folders vs. Contexts in Toodledo?

I'm restarting my online training and reviewing progress I made last year, before the TRO version for Toodledo came out.  I had set up my major life areas as Folders, and used Tags for minor contexts (calls, errands, Bank, supermarket, etc.).  Is there any special reason why Folders aren't used at all in TRO w/ Toodledo?  And is there a disadvantage to just sticking with Folders instead of Contexts?  Otherwise, I'll have a lot of updating to do in my list.

Thanks so much!


  • Hi Annie,

    I work at Priacta but I'm not a TRO Coach. However, I've been using Toodledo with TRO for under a year now and I'd say you can use Folders in the place of Contexts, just make sure Folders is visible when you choose your view settings. I'll check in with a coach and let you know if I'm wrong. 

    Hope this helps. If you find that it malfunctions, please let us know. 

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