hidden unprocessed tasks - even after index rebuild?

edited September 2011 in Trog Bar Bug Reports
On trog bar I have an 'unprocessed tasks' number of 1 even when I have processed all the tasks showing in my unprocessed tasks - one unprocessed task seems to be hidden. I suspect this has something to do with deleting an unprocessed task.

I tried deleting the index so that the index rebuilt but this didn't solve the problem.

any advice appreciated.


  • This is probably a hidden record of some sort. Occasionally plugins or other software will store meta data in a record (they get the idea that this is OK because Microsoft does the same thing.) Trog Bar filters out any of the Microsoft data records that it finds, but there's not as much it can do about similar records added by other tools.

    The only way I can think of to fix this would be to use a low level tool like MAPIEditor to manually zap the extraneous record and hope that it doesn't get created again.
  • Many thanks, after a hard reboot the hidden task seemed to have disappeared, so I will try rebuilding the index and hard rebooting together next time it happens.
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