Two Exchange accounts and a Droid

Two Exchange accounts and a Droid.  Sounds like a bad romantic comedy.

Two laptops (one at work and one at home).  Home laptop has profiles for each exchange account (MS Online Services and SBS 2003 / Exchange 2003).  Droid is setup for tasks on one of the exchange accounts (work) but not the other (personal use).  That's a problem.

I've been trained on & using GTD since 2003 (fairly successfully, though "fall off the weekly review wagon" for months at a time).

What brought me to Pricacta's site in the first place is my search for software to get both task lists onto the Droid.

Any suggestions how I might better consolidate and/or manage this mess?  And/or get both task lists working on the Droid?




Any ideas of how one might better manage




  • Bob,

    There are really two problems. First you need to synchronize your calendar and task list your phone. Second you need to synchronize both email addresses. 

    My suggestion is this: synchronize the email addresses using an email program. It should allow you to synchronize to emails. Put all of your calendar appointment since tasks on one account. Use the suggestions in the TRO online program for synchronizing tasks and calendar to your android phone. 

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