User Interface Bugs

edited November 2011 in Trog Bar Bug Reports

There are a host of minor but annoying UI bugs that need fixing in order to make TROG Bar slicker.
Its no good having a productivity tool that slows you down due to bad implementation.
The concept is very good but the use HTML Layout design is simply awful for a native Windows application.

All the UI controls feel clumsy and the graphics are fuzzy but some bugs are irritating.
For example, the date time picker for "Do On Date" doesn't show the time fully unless you put your cursor in there and push to the right. 
The categories picker is far too narrow and I can't see which one I'm selecting if the names start similar (and I can't double click to select I have to tick and ok).


This is just a couple of examples but the great features are being ruined by the implementation to the point where I'm considering finding another tool.
Please do something radical to improve this in the next version and get it released soon. Its been far too long since the last update.


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