Converting email to tasks (using Nozbe or RTM or anything else)...? (resolved)

I have used Michael Linenberger's TWC/MYN methodologies off and on with some success. I would like to use Nozbe or RTM, but I don't understand how to duplicate Outlook's ability to convert email into tasks, i.e., There's no way to make responding to the email easy or including the email as an attachment for future reply.

So, when I get Outlook or Gmail that contains a task and I want to create a task in Nozbe, what do I do? Usually, there's a reply needed or an attachment to review and then, usually, a reply required.

I am looking for suggestions around workflow.




  • With either Nozbe or RTM (or Toodledo, which works much better with TWC) you will forward task-emails to a special email address. In all of these programs, the address is obtained in your settings by enabling email forwarding. You copy the address and create a contact (usually called "Nozbe" or "Toodledo") and forward task-email to that address. It will appear in your list, ready for you to process the task.

    If you have the TRO training, the instructions are inside the training, in the chapter about email.

  • Nate, thanks for the reply.

    I guess I wasn't quite specific enough. I am aware of the forwarding email functionalities in these programs.

    My question is in regards to workflow. in TWC/MYN/Outlook, I have the actual email at hand when I drag/drop an email to create a new task.

    But with Nozbe (My current app) and others, I have this sense of too many steps to pull tasks out of emails by forwarding what amounts to just the text of the email. I was curious if others who regularly utilize variant solutions had similar thoughts.

    Thanks again for your reply. Some conversation is better than no conversation. ;0))

  • Also...

    I am curious about the habit of closing conversations by labeling them "RESOLVED" when, in fact, they are discussions and not "support issues".

    This practice, it seems to me, stunts and stifles what could be healthy discussions around various challenges. I think this practice has the net effect of "muting" the collective voice. If that is the intent, so be it. I'm just curious about the thoughts behind it.



  • Dan, 

    Re: resolved
    That is an interesting point. We are trying to help people find answers in the forum, since there are about 5-10 viewers for every person who posts. I'll take your suggestion back to the team and talk about it with them.

    Let me understand better what you're talking about:
    Are you saying that in Outlook, it's easier to convert email-to-tasks because you still have the email, whereas forwarding email to Nozbe or Toodledo or RTM separates them? 
    Are you using TRO methodology or TWC or GTD? 
    What specifically is the trouble with the forwarded email? The Outlook task also only has the copied text, not the email itself. When you say you have "too many steps" with Nozbe, what do you mean? Too many tasks in the program? Too many steps you need to make from this email? Too many clicks to turn it into a usable task?

    Let me know, so I can answer the right question. :)

  • Nate,

    Thanks very much for the reply. 

    No, Outlook allows my to move or copy the original email into the task (ala TWC) by right clicking and dragging it onto the task bar. Also, attachments come along. In my experience, mot of the tasks I find in my inbox require a more detailed reply OR action related to an attachment. This might be specific to my use case since I deal with a lot of attachments in the form of resumes and the like.

    Yes to the last..."Too many clicks to turn it into a usable task" Or equally so, too many clicks to find the original email that the task references.

    Maybe there is a workflow disconnect on my part. But I can only see the two use cases cited as being most common. I suppose there are a few times that a task comes into my inbox that doesn't require a reply or attachement, e.g., My wife sent me an email this morning pointing out an upcoming concert she wants to attend. I can see forwarding that to a task manager app (take your pick) and creating a task to "Buy Tickets". This scenario makes my question moot and doesn't seem to be the most common for me.

    I would be curious, then, as to how these use cases (detailed reply or handling attachments) are handled by others out in the TRO landscape.

    On a side note, I have paid for TRO in the past. I understand it to be lifetime access. I never went through the coaching. What is the best way to reengage with TRO?

    Thanks for your help,

  • Dan,

    First, in response to your original question: 
    You can forward emails to Toodledo, Donedesk, RTM, and Nozbe. With a Toodledo ProPlus account, attachments will be retained, making it easier to complete the task. I recommend that if you use this feature, you move forwarded email-tasks into a folder called "In Toodledo" or something like that. Basically you create a folder for emails that have been converted to tasks. If you need to reply later, search the folder. It's not as easy as point-and-click, but it gets the job done quickly. Even in Outlook, converting an email to a task does not give you click-and-reply. 

    Second, how to reengage with TRO. It depends how far you got. If you had a working system, start with collecting. Clear unapproved collection points. Clear your task list (which has degraded to a collection point). Start processing and doing your daily, weekly, monthly reviews. 

    If you haven't set up a TRO system, go back to the first chapter in the Training portion and keep working through it.

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