How to Get a Refund

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I put up this question almost 3 weeks ago and was told that the refund was in process ... I've not seen any refund yet, or even any communication at all.  Hard to believe something like this 'fell through the cracks' considering what you are selling.  Do I have to try to go through Paypal at this point?  Please advise.  


  • I'm confused too. Your refund should have been processed weeks ago. I personally confirmed that the request had made it all the way to billing, who should have handled it same day. I'm working on figuring out what happened and making sure the refund process is completed immediately.
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    I looked into your case personally today.

    My apologies for the delay in processing your refund. Normally, we issue refunds the next business day. Your case highlighted a potential gap (as demonstrated in your case) in the refund process itself, which we are now correcting.

    We are leaving your TRO training credit active, so you or someone else may use it at your leisure. The entire system has been updated since your refund request, it is also being shortened so training can be completed more quickly, and we are soon adding video throughout, so you may want to log in later and check it out again.

    Kevin Crenshaw
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