Possible to use multiple Exchange or .pst files with TROG

Hello Priacta,

At work I use Outlook 2007 with a corporate Exchange account. I have my own copy of Outlook 2007 at home which I use for personal email (a POP account), calendar, tasks, and address book. Until recently I both: a) synced my personal data with my BlackBerry over USB cable, and b) carried my personal outlook .pst file to work on an encrypted USB stick. Calendar and task overlays in Outlook allowed me to see all my appointments, personal and private, while at work; as well as all tasks, etc. I did not have to put any personal tasks, family birthdays, etc. into the corporate exchange server, which is really important to me.

Two issues make this setup no longer adequate: 1) I realize that I don't manage my time well enough and need help, and 2) I started syncing my corporate Outlook/Exchange with my BlackBerry, and this stomps all over my personal address book, tasks, etc.

Sorry for the long wind-up. The question is, can TROG be made to work with separate Exchange/Outlook data sets like mine? It is important to keep the personal and corporate data stored separately, but viewable and scheduled together; and be able to get it all to my BlackBerry, or at least all addresses, calendars and GTD "next actions" in context. I am willing to get a hosted Exchange account and move my personal data into that if necessary.



  • I'm not entirely sure what the final setup is that you are trying to support, but I think the answer is yes.

    If you are trying to keep the physical files separate, but still have visibility on everything together, Trog can do this. Just make sure that the files are both part of the same profile and you'll be able to configure Trog to draw tasks from any folder in either profile.

    Alternately, if you are trying to keep work and personal life completely separated, so that you don't see personal tasks while you are working, Trog can do this too. Put your personal pst file in a different profile than your work Exchange based stuff, and switch the profile setting in Trog when you want to see something different.
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